How to use remove_assets_by_overall_limit method in avocado

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...482 if method(file_size, value):483 result.append(file_path)484 return result485 @classmethod486 def remove_assets_by_overall_limit(cls, limit, cache_dirs):487 """This will remove assets based on overall limit.488 We are going to sort the assets based on the access time first.489 For instance it may be the case that a GitLab cache limit is 4490 GiB, in that case we can sort by last access, and remove all491 that exceeds 4 GiB (that is, keep the last accessed 4 GiB worth492 of cached files).493 Note: during the usage of this method, you should use bytes as limit.494 :param limit: a integer limit in bytes.495 :param cache_dirs: list of directories to use during the search.496 """497 size_sum = 0498 for asset in cls.get_all_assets(cache_dirs):499 size_sum += os.stat(asset).st_size500 if size_sum >= limit:...

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...402 Asset.remove_assets_by_size(size_filter, cache_dirs)403 elif overall_limit is not None:404 try:405 size = DataSize(overall_limit).b406 Asset.remove_assets_by_overall_limit(size, cache_dirs)407 except InvalidDataSize:408 error_msg = "You are using an invalid suffix. "409 error_msg += "Use one of the following values: "410 error_msg += ",".join(DataSize.MULTIPLIERS.keys())411 LOG_UI.error(error_msg)412 return exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL413 except (FileNotFoundError, OSError) as e:414 LOG_UI.error("Could not remove asset: %s", e)415 return exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL416 return exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK417 def handle_list(self, config):418 days = config.get("assets.list.days")419 size_filter = config.get("assets.list.size_filter")420 if self._count_filter_args(config) == 2:...

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