How to use suspend_mpath method in avocado

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...281 '''282 err_mpaths = []283"Suspending mpaths and resuming them Back")284 for dic_mpath in self.mpath_list:285 if multipath.suspend_mpath(dic_mpath["name"]) is False:286"couldn't suspend : %s", dic_mpath['name'])287 err_mpaths.append(dic_mpath["name"])288 time.sleep(self.op_shot_sleep_time)289 if multipath.resume_mpath(dic_mpath["name"]) is False:290"couldn't resume: %s", dic_mpath["name"])291 err_mpaths.append(dic_mpath["name"])292 if err_mpaths:293"error mpaths in suspnd indvdl mpaths: %s" % err_mpaths)294 def test_suspend_resume_all_mpath(self):295 '''296 suspending all the mpathX and then Resume it Back at once297 '''298 err_mpaths = []299"Suspending mpaths and resuming them Back")300 for dic_mpath in self.mpath_list:301 if multipath.suspend_mpath(dic_mpath["name"]) is False:302"couldn't suspend %s", dic_mpath["name"])303 err_mpaths.append(dic_mpath['name'])304 time.sleep(self.op_long_sleep_time)305 for dic_mpath in self.mpath_list:306 if multipath.resume_mpath(dic_mpath["name"]) is False:307"couldn't resume %s ", dic_mpath["name"])308 err_mpaths.append(dic_mpath['name'])309 if err_mpaths:310"error mpaths in suspnd all mpaths: %s" % err_mpaths)311 def test_remove_add_mpath(self):312 '''313 Removing the mpathX and Add it Back314 '''315 err_mpaths = []...

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...247 """248 cmd = 'multipathd -k"show maps status" | grep -i %s' % mpath249 mpath_status = process.getoutput(cmd).split()[-2]250 return mpath_status251def suspend_mpath(mpath):252 """253 Suspend the given mpathX of multipaths.254 :param mpath: mpath names. Example: mpatha, mpathb.255 :return: True or False256 """257 def is_mpath_suspended():258 if get_mpath_status(mpath) == 'suspend':259 return True260 return False261 cmd = 'multipathd -k"suspend map %s"' % mpath262 if process.system(cmd) == 0:263 return wait.wait_for(is_mpath_suspended, timeout=10) or False264 return False265def resume_mpath(mpath):...

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