How to use start_threaded method of Selenium.WebDriver.SpecSupport Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.SpecSupport.start_threaded


Source:rack_server.rb Github


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...12 @port = Integer(port || PortProber.above(8180))13 end14 def start15 if Platform.jruby?16 start_threaded17 elsif start_windows19 else20 start_forked21 end22 unless, @port, START_TIMEOUT).connected?23 raise "rack server not launched in #{START_TIMEOUT} seconds"24 end25 end26 def run27 @app, :Host => @host, :Port => @port28 end29 def where_is(file)30 "http://#{@host}:#{@port}/#{file}"31 end32 def stop33 if defined?(@thread) && @thread34 @thread.kill35 elsif defined?(@pid) && @pid36 Process.kill('KILL', @pid)37 Process.waitpid(@pid)38 elsif defined?(@process) && @process39 @process.stop40 end41 end42 private43 def handler44 # can't use Platform here since it's being run as a file on Windows + IE.45 if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /mswin|msys|mingw32/46 handlers = %w[mongrel webrick]47 else48 handlers = %w[thin mongrel webrick]49 end50 handler = handlers.find { |h| load_handler h }51 constant = handler == 'webrick' ? "WEBrick" : handler.capitalize52 Rack::Handler.const_get constant53 end54 def load_handler(handler)55 require handler56 true57 rescue LoadError58 false59 end60 def start_forked61 @pid = fork { run }62 end63 def start_threaded64 Thread.abort_on_exception = true65 @thread = { run }66 sleep 0.567 end68 def start_windows69 if %w[ie internet_explorer].include? ENV['WD_SPEC_DRIVER']70 # For IE, the combination of Windows + FFI + MRI seems to cause a71 # deadlock with the get() call and the server thread.72 # Workaround by running this file in a subprocess.73 @process ="ruby", "-r", "rubygems", __FILE__, @path, @port).start74 else75 start_threaded76 end77 end78 class TestApp79 def initialize(file_root)80 @static = end82 def call(env)83 case env['PATH_INFO']84 when "/common/upload"85 req = status = 20087 header = {"Content-Type" => "text/html"}88 body = req['upload'][:tempfile].read89 [status, header, [body]]...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1 def start_threaded(opts)2 driver = WebDriver.for(opts)3 queue << driver.execute_script("return window.document.readyState")4 def start_threaded(opts)5 driver = WebDriver.for(opts)6 queue << driver.execute_script("return window.document.readyState")7 def start_threaded(opts)8 driver = WebDriver.for(opts)9 queue << driver.execute_script("return window.document.readyState")10 def start_threaded(opts)11 driver = WebDriver.for(opts)12 queue << driver.execute_script("return window.document.readyState")

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