How to use destination method of Copyable Package

Best Howitzer_ruby code snippet using Copyable.destination


Source:compiler.rb Github


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...40 def autocompile_file(file, force = false, silence_error = false)41 # Expand the path from the framework.42 origin_path, framework = Framework.full_path_for(file)43 return if origin_path.nil?44 destination_path = framework.output_path_for(file)45 # read file directly if auto_compile is disabled46 if !Barista.auto_compile?47 if File.exist?(destination_path)48 return else50 return nil51 end52 end53 return unless dirty?(origin_path, destination_path) || force54 # Ensure we have a coffeescript compiler available.55 if !check_availability!(silence_error)56 Barista.debug UNAVAILABLE_MESSAGE57 return nil58 end59 Barista.debug "Compiling #{file} from framework '#{}'"60 compiler = new(origin_path, :silence_error => silence_error, :output_path => destination_path)61 content = compiler.to_js62 compiler.save63 content64 end65 def compile_as(file, type)66 origin_path, framework = Framework.full_path_for(file)67 return if origin_path.nil?68 if type == :coffeescript69 return, File.mtime(origin_path)70 else71 return autocompile_file(file), Time.now72 end73 end74 def dirty?(from, to)...

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...26 {27 ios: "name='iPhone 11',OS=13.3"28 }29end30def xcodebuild(type, name, scheme, configuration, sdk, destination, tasks, codecoverage, xcprety_args: '')31 # set either workspace or project flag for xcodebuild32 case type33 when :project34 project_type = "-project"35 when :workspace36 project_type = "-workspace"37 else38 abort "Invalid project type, use `:project` for xcodeproj and `:workspace` for xcworkspace."39 end40 sh "set -o pipefail && xcodebuild #{project_type} '#{name}' -scheme '#{scheme}' -configuration '#{configuration}' -sdk #{sdk} -destination #{destination} #{tasks} #{codecoverage} | xcpretty -c #{xcprety_args}"41end42def execute(tasks, platform, xcprety_args)43 # platform specific settings44 sdk = sdks[platform]45 scheme = schemes[platform]46 destination = devices[platform]47 codecoverage = "GCC_INSTRUMENT_PROGRAM_FLOW_ARCS=YES GCC_GENERATE_TEST_COVERAGE_FILES=YES"48 # check if xcodebuild needs to be run on multiple devices49 if destination.respond_to?('map')50 do |destination|51 xcodebuild type, project_path, scheme, configuration, sdk, destination, tasks, codecoverage, xcprety_args52 end53 else54 xcodebuild type, project_path, scheme, configuration, sdk, destination, tasks, codecoverage, xcprety_args55 end56end57desc 'Build, then run tests.'58task :test do59 sh "gem install xcpretty"60 do |platform|61 execute 'build test', platform, xcprety_args: '--test'62 end63 # sh "killall Simulator"64end...

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