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...33/**34 * Abstract base class for {@link StorageService} implementations.35 * 36 * <p>37 * The base class handles support for a background cleanup task, and handles calling of custom object serializers.38 * </p>39 */40public abstract class AbstractStorageService extends AbstractIdentifiableInitializableComponent implements41 StorageService, StorageCapabilities {42 /**43 * Number of seconds between cleanup checks. Default value: (0)44 */45 @Duration @NonNegative private long cleanupInterval;46 /** Timer used to schedule cleanup tasks. */47 private Timer cleanupTaskTimer;48 /** Timer used to schedule cleanup tasks if no external one set. */49 private Timer internalTaskTimer;50 /** Task that cleans up expired records. */51 private TimerTask cleanupTask;52 /** Configurable context size limit. */53 @Positive private int contextSize;54 /** Configurable key size limit. */55 @Positive private int keySize;56 /** Configurable value size limit. */57 @Positive private int valueSize;58 /**59 * Gets the number of milliseconds between one cleanup and another. A value of 0 indicates that no cleanup will be60 * performed.61 * 62 * @return number of milliseconds between one cleanup and another63 */64 @NonNegative @Duration public long getCleanupInterval() {65 return cleanupInterval;66 }67 /**68 * Sets the number of milliseconds between one cleanup and another. A value of 0 indicates that no cleanup will be69 * performed.70 * 71 * This setting cannot be changed after the service has been initialized.72 * 73 * @param interval number of milliseconds between one cleanup and another74 */75 @Duration public void setCleanupInterval(@Duration @NonNegative final long interval) {76 ComponentSupport.ifInitializedThrowUnmodifiabledComponentException(this);77 cleanupInterval =78 Constraint.isGreaterThanOrEqual(0, interval, "Cleanup interval must be greater than or equal to zero");79 }80 /**81 * Gets the timer used to schedule cleanup tasks.82 * 83 * @return timer used to schedule cleanup tasks84 */85 @Nullable public Timer getCleanupTaskTimer() {86 return cleanupTaskTimer;87 }88 /**89 * Sets the timer used to schedule cleanup tasks.90 * 91 * This setting can not be changed after the service has been initialized.92 * 93 * @param timer timer used to schedule configuration reload tasks94 */95 public void setCleanupTaskTimer(@Nullable final Timer timer) {96 ComponentSupport.ifInitializedThrowUnmodifiabledComponentException(this);97 cleanupTaskTimer = timer;98 }99 /**100 * Returns a cleanup task function to schedule for background cleanup.101 * 102 * <p>103 * The default implementation does not supply one.104 * </p>105 * 106 * @return a task object, or null107 */108 @Nullable protected TimerTask getCleanupTask() {109 return null;110 }111 /**112 * Set the context size limit.113 * 114 * @param size limit on context size in characters115 */116 public void setContextSize(@Positive final int size) {117 ComponentSupport.ifInitializedThrowUnmodifiabledComponentException(this);118 contextSize = (int) Constraint.isGreaterThan(0, size, "Size must be greater than zero");119 }120 /**121 * Set the key size limit.122 * 123 * @param size size limit on key size in characters124 */125 public void setKeySize(@Positive final int size) {126 ComponentSupport.ifInitializedThrowUnmodifiabledComponentException(this);127 keySize = (int) Constraint.isGreaterThan(0, size, "Size must be greater than zero");128 }129 /**130 * Set the value size limit.131 * 132 * @param size size limit on value size in characters133 */134 public void setValueSize(@Positive final int size) {135 ComponentSupport.ifInitializedThrowUnmodifiabledComponentException(this);136 valueSize = (int) Constraint.isGreaterThan(0, size, "Size must be greater than zero");137 }138 /** {@inheritDoc} */139 @Override protected void doInitialize() throws ComponentInitializationException {140 super.doInitialize();141 if (cleanupInterval > 0) {142 cleanupTask = getCleanupTask();143 if (cleanupTask == null) {144 throw new ComponentInitializationException("Cleanup task cannot be null if cleanupInterval is set.");145 } else if (cleanupTaskTimer == null) {146 internalTaskTimer = new Timer(TimerSupport.getTimerName(this), true);147 } else {148 internalTaskTimer = cleanupTaskTimer;149 }150 internalTaskTimer.schedule(cleanupTask, cleanupInterval, cleanupInterval);151 }152 }153 /** {@inheritDoc} */154 @Override protected void doDestroy() {155 if (cleanupTask != null) {156 cleanupTask.cancel();157 cleanupTask = null;158 if (cleanupTaskTimer == null) {159 internalTaskTimer.cancel();160 }161 internalTaskTimer = null;162 }163 super.doDestroy();164 }165 /** {@inheritDoc} */166 @Override @Nonnull public StorageCapabilities getCapabilities() {167 return this;168 }169 /** {@inheritDoc} */170 @Override public int getContextSize() {171 return contextSize;172 }...

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