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Posted On: September 30, 2022

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At LambdaTest, our goal is to enable quicker developer feedback and help all enterprises achieve faster time to market. We’ve been striving hard at our innovation lab to push the boundaries when it comes to end-to-end test orchestration, which significantly impacts software release velocity.

Meet HyperExecute, an intelligent test orchestration platform built on Azure. It comes with power-packed smart features and rich integrations making it upto 70% faster than any other cloud-based test execution grid:

  • Real-time log streaming– gives easy access to both terminal logs of test commands and complete test execution logs at one place
  • Feature-packed hosted runners– the platform comes with loaded runners for every major OS including Windows, macOS, and Linux containers
  • Smart testing– intelligent test auto-splitting, smart ordering, and retries, help in drastically cutting down developer feedback time
  • Rich and insightful dashboard— all test execution data is available in a single place, helping teams analyze the quality of their builds on a single platform
  • Parallel testing– enables concurrent testing and test orchestration at scale
  • Matrix-based multiplexing– teams can run the same test across multiple browser environments at scale resulting in reduced test creation times

The best part is– You bring the test, we do the rest. Yes, it really is that simple.

Checkout LambdaTest HyperExecute on Microsoft Azure marketplace

And here is an offer that you can’t refuse – free HyperExecute access for 12 months

Developers and testers can now experience blazing-fast end-to-end test orchestration integrated with Playwright, Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions, thus reducing interrupts and allowing them to stay in flow.

Playwright users, play it right!

Playwright users can now run Playwright scripts directly on the cloud in an environment that is hyper-scalable, secure, and promises fastest test execution.

Not just that, speed up your developer feedback and release velocity by reducing test triage cycle time with HyperExecute for Playwright.

Additionally, HyperExecute’s highly reliable and secure infrastructure seamlessly integrates with your existing testing stack to give you a flake-free testing experience.

Check out how to use HyperExecute to run your Playwright scripts. !

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Wait, there’s more! Up your Playwright game by leveraging the free certifications. We have a beginners course (Playwright 101) and an advanced course (Playwright 102). Sign up today.

Azure DevOps + GitHub Actions + HyperExecute = Frictionless Testing

Continuous testing within your automated CI/CD pipeline has never been this seamless beforWe are also excited to announce our integration with Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.

You can now trigger test orchestration on HyperExecute without making any changes to your CI/CD setup on Azure DevOps. Simplify your workflow and smartly automate your test execution on HyperExecute using Azure Pipelines.

HyperExecute’s integration with GitHub Actions streamlines monitoring and managing all bugs in one place. Now, you can log bugs in your GitHub repo directly from LambdaTest, just by the push of a button. And you can do that right from the middle of a LambdaTest test session. Easily deploy your code and thoroughly test it with HyperExecute to ensure reliable delivery.

With these integrations set up, developers and testers will experience an interruption-less environment when they commit code, and enterprises will be able to achieve a quicker go-to-market.

Get started with the blazing fast test orchestration today. Check out the exclusive offer for Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions customers !

Learn more and claim this offer today!

About HyperExecute

With HyperExecute, organizations can run and orchestrate test grids in the Azure cloud for any platform and programming language at blazing-fast speeds, enabling faster software development. The platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Azure Pipelines, GitHub, and Azure services.

We enable our customers to execute tests up to 70 percent faster than traditional cloud-based automation grids. HyperExecute can be deployed in the customer’s own Azure tenant or on LambdaTest’s Azure-based public cloud. The flexibility of HyperExecute’s private/on-premises and cloud offerings enables customers of all sizes and industries to integrate it into their architecture.

Developers can now stay ‘in the flow’ with no interrupts thanks to the smart test orchestration platform HyperExecute, built on Azure! Check out the video to know more.

Looking to try out Cypress? Check out the Cypress on Azure Marketplace

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