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Harshit Paul

Posted On: January 27, 2020

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Ever since our inception, we wanted to deliver an integrated platform that makes the lives of testers and developers easier. A platform that made collaboration and sharing of ideas easier as well. A place where students, beginners, and innovators can ask their queries, and look for suggestions from experts and at the same time experienced ones can come up and share their wisdom with budding professionals.

Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve taken another step in this vision, and have developed an online community for testing and development. A simple, free, and ready-to-post Q&A community developed for testers, by testers!

LambdaTest Community

So whether you are thinking about the latest trends for web testing, or if you are confused about a web development framework for your next project, or if you want help troubleshooting your Selenium testing script errors. All you need to do is ask here by signing up for free!

LambdaTest community and the LambdaTest platform are also integrated. Therefore once you sign up on the LambdaTest community, you can also leverage the LambdaTest web app for cross browser testing and automation testing. Similarly, if you are already a member of LambdaTest, you can directly sign in to the community using your LambdaTest login details.

Community Moderation

As of now, the community would be moderated mainly by LambdaTest employees, however, we would be sourcing independent moderators from the community itself. In addition, LambdaTest developers, support specialists, and automation experts would be active over the community to help out with questions.


So make sure to post a question or answer one for the fellow testers, and developers..! And share your opinion with us, like you have done before to help us become better. We will constantly work on bringing updates to the community and would love your recommendations to be a part of them.
Cheers and happy testing! 🙂

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