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Harshit works as a product growth specialist at LambdaTest. He is also an experienced IT professional, who loves to share his thoughts about the latest tech trends as an enthusiast tech blogger.

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Element In Selenium

How To Get Text Of An Element In Selenium?

Selenium is the most widely used automation testing tool, which reduces human effort and efficiently handles testing the scenarios we encounter every day. One such scenario is how to get the text of an element in Selenium.

Harshit Paul
October 12, 2020
Selenium Tutorial • Automation •

AnnounceKit: Our Secret To Successful Product Announcements

AnnounceKit has made it simple for us at LambdaTest to keep our customers informed about new features, bug fixes, and announcements through changelogs and in-app notifications. It has been a pivotal part of our feedback gathering process as well.

Harshit Paul
September 4, 2020
Miscellaneous •
Responsive Testing On A Locally Hosted Website

Responsive Testing Of A Locally Hosted Website | A Complete Guide

Responsive testing of web apps is a crucial component that needs to be executed at every stage to ensure that it meets the end-user requirements. There are countless devices, browsers, or operating systems that consumers use to access a website and this is bound to grow exponentially.

Harshit Paul
August 14, 2020
Responsive Testing •

Test On Firefox 78, Chrome 84, Opera 69, Edge 84, Beta Browsers & An Enhanced LT Browser

Being a cross browser testing cloud, we are always looking out for the release of new browser versions and adding them to our platform so you could ensure cross browser compatibility of your website.

Harshit Paul
July 29, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
Selenium scripts

Now Test Edge & Firefox Extensions, New Browsers And More!

Hey testers! We hope you are all safe and healthy as we share this exciting product update. We’ve worked hard last couple weeks to incorporate a few invaluable customer suggestions into the product and I am about to quickly share them with you. Here we go!

Harshit Paul
July 24, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
Guide To Cross Browser Testing

Guide To Cross Browser Testing On Older Browser Versions

“How do I perform website testing on older browser versions? Is it even necessary?” Have you ever wondered about these questions? If you did, you’re not the only one. At some point, every web tester or web developer ponders on these. And it is logical to do so.

Harshit Paul
July 23, 2020
Cross Browser Testing • Manual Testing •
WebDriverIO Tutorial

WebDriverIO Tutorial: Handling Alerts & Overlay In Selenium

You’d hardly find a website these days without alerts and pop-ups! The alert boxes warn you whenever you perform a wrong action or to enter details to access a website. These alert boxes stop you from performing any other browser functions till the alert is resolved.

Harshit Paul
July 9, 2020
Automation • Selenium Tutorial • WebDriverIO •
Functional Testing

Automated Functional Testing: What it is & How it Helps?

Development teams are always under the pressure to deliver products at a faster speed. But, that doesn’t mean the quality of the product should be compromised as no one likes a buggy web application.

Harshit Paul
June 26, 2020
Automation • Manual Testing •

Introducing LT Browser – A Dev-Friendly Browser For Mobile View Debugging

We hope you & your loved ones are staying safe & strong as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. Today, we’re live with a developer-friendly browser that lets you develop & test responsive web applications in a trice.

Harshit Paul
June 3, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •
April 2020 Platform Updates

April 2020 Platform Updates: New Browser, Better Performance & Much Much More!

Howdy testers! If you’re reading this article I suggest you keep a diary & a pen handy because we’ve added numerous exciting features to our cross browser testing cloud and I am about to share them with you right away!

Harshit Paul
May 12, 2020
LambdaTest Updates •