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Posted On: June 5, 2023

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Hey, Testers!

Our team of talented developers has been cooking this game-changing feature for the last few months to take your testing experience using HyperExecute up a notch!

In the realm of software testing, test case failures have long been a challenge for testing teams and QA members. The identification and resolution of these failures often consume valuable time and resources. Manual analysis of diverse logs and data sources for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) leads to delays in issue resolution, and even after RCA, substantial time is required to devise and implement the necessary fix. This inefficiency hampers productivity and impedes the overall software development process.

We wanted to change just that! Today, we are thrilled to introduce a transformative new solution designed to streamline this critical aspect of software testing. Our AI-powered Test Failure Analysis brings forth a game-changing approach that simplifies and accelerates the identification and resolution of failure types.

Streamlining Failure Analysis With AI

Gone are the days of cumbersome manual log analysis. Our innovative solution empowers users with a comprehensive categorization of errors, enabling swift identification of failure types and immediate access to the corresponding remediations. Say goodbye to an extensive manual investigation, as our intuitive interface provides a categorization overview of different error types associated with failed test cases.

Upon categorizing errors, we offer a structured approach to address each failure type. This targeted approach eliminates unnecessary steps, expediting the resolution process and optimizing efficiency. With this feature update, HyperExecute users can now efficiently navigate to the precise corrective measures or remedies recommended for the specific error encountered.

Streamlining Failure Analysis With AI

Tectonic Shift In Failure Analysis And Remediation

By significantly reducing the time required for RCA, we are set to revolutionize the testing process with AI. With the help of our AI, testing teams and QA members can avoid the hassle of going through their test logs to identify the root cause of failures allowing them to focus their efforts on implementing accurate solutions promptly. The resulting reduction in turnaround time facilitates faster bug fixes and ensures the expedited delivery of high-quality software.

With our state-of-the-art AI-powered Failure Analysis, users can conveniently access all test details in a unified platform. This innovative solution provides users with a comprehensive summary of errors, along with the associated code snippets and stack traces. Additionally, users can effortlessly generate AI-generated Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reports with a simple click of a button.

AI-generated Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Our primary focus is to enhance testing teams’ overall productivity, elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of the QA process. By providing a streamlined interface for error analysis and resolution, our solution empowers professionals to deliver software of superior quality while optimizing their time/ resources and ensuring customer satisfaction.

error analysis and resolution

Command Logs Error Analytics

Along with this, we’re excited to introduce four new innovative features for our LambdaTest Analytics platform, designed to provide a more seamless and efficient experience for our users. These new widgets will give you enhanced control over your Selenium command logs, enabling more insightful performance tracking and optimization.

Command Logs Error Analytics

The Command Logs Status Summary widget offers a summary of command logs response status in a visually intuitive Tree map view. In tandem with this, the Command Logs Status Trends widget presents a time series plot for tracking the status trends of command logs, providing an insightful lens into the system’s health.

Further enhancing user experience, we’ve added the Command Logs Type Trends widget, which displays command count per command name for comprehensive endpoint usage analysis. Finally, the Command Logs Error Messages Categorization widget allows efficient identification and prioritization of issues by categorizing error messages in command logs. To complement these widgets, we’ve introduced drill-down table views and an array of widget filters for more precise data control.


We believe that the future of software testing lies in harnessing the power of AI to overcome challenges and optimize productivity. Our AI-powered Failure Analysis in HyperExecute is a testament to this belief, delivering a transformative solution that empowers testing teams to excel in their pursuit of exceptional software quality.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the power of AI in testing. Take the leap and discover how this innovative solution can revolutionize your error analysis and remediation processes. Upgrade your testing capabilities and deliver top-notch software with confidence. Try it now!

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