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Harshit Paul

Posted On: March 15, 2019

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Howdy everyone! LambdaTest is out with another integration on one more highly popular and highly requested project management tool for speeding your test cycles. This time we are live with + LambdaTest Integration. By integrating with LambdaTest, you will be able to push a bug/ task directly from LambdaTest to your respective instance, even from the middle of your test session. You will be able to share your UI observations with colleagues in just a single click effort.

What Is is an online project management tool that helps your team to collaborate better by getting everyone on the same page. provides an intuitive timeline to keep all your deadlines in check. Using you can monitor all the tasks of your colleagues and subordinates through dashboard representation to know who is working on what and when. You find a collective space for all the communication, so you don’t get stuck in finding important emails from your inbox. Develop your projects in a flexible manner using’s intuitive platform and pace up your go to market launch with enhanced collaboration and transparency among the team members.


→ Collaborative Board View: offers project boards which provide a collective view of every activity that is being performed by teammates, subordinates. Also, the tasks that they are about to work upon. You could easily make a note of calendars, kanban and more to see if things are going as planned with your timelines.

→ Easy Onboarding: lets you invite more members from your team on your respective project. It provides an intuitive user interface so your colleagues could instantly get the hang of the platform.

→ Numerous Project Templates To Choose From: provides different templates for different project boards, each board offers a different UI. You can pick different project boards depending on the team you are working with. Also depends upon the intention of work. There are different boards for managing different objectives. For instance, there is a board for Dev Sprint Planning, and there is a different board for managing Social Media Schedule or say Product Roadmap.

→ Easy Customization: After you pick a template for a project board, it comes down to customizing it in a manner that suits you and your team’s purpose the best. With, you can add various columns for text, performance rating, and more.

→ Track Task Progress: You can easily view which task is alloted to whom and how are the assignees progressing on the same. You can set a deadline to each task and filter a view to easily visualize which task has been delayed past the due date.

→ Weekly Overviews: provides weekly overviews to inform you about the number of tasks that comes your way in the upcoming week. So you could always plan your bandwidth before Monday arrives!


LambdaTest +!

LambdaTest +!

The LambdaTest integration helps you in filing issues to your project in directly from LambdaTest platform. In case, you find any UI deviation on your website while performing cross browser testing with LambdaTest, you can capture a screenshot of that bug, or issue.

Our one-click bug logging allows you to highlight a bug through an inbuilt image editor, and then move it to the project board on, in just a single click. Before migrating the bug or task from LambdaTest to you can choose to specify the assignee among your team, the title of the task along with the description, and more. Everything that you specify at LambdaTest while logging a bug will get reflected as information on

LambdaTest + Integration would help you log bugs from any test you perform at LambdaTest. You can enjoy one-click bug logging for with mark as bug feature to push issues from the output of Real-Time Testing, Automated Screenshot Testing, Responsive Testing, & Selenium Grid Based Automation Testing too!

Important Note: Before proceeding with Integration, make sure your project board has a text field on it. If the text field is not available in your project board then the environment details that auto-populate by LambdaTest will be reflected in the title field on your project. Integration with LambdaTest, like all of the integrations to 3rd party applications, is available for freemium as well as premium plan.

Refer to our step-by-step document for integrating your LambdaTest account with your instance.

That’s It For Now. Stay Tuned For More!

We don’t intend to stop here! To make LambdaTest the most convenient platforms for the developer and tester community, we are aiming many more product updates down the road. Stay tuned.

We hope you like our latest integration with Let us know of your thoughts in the comment section below. If you are a fan of any other project management tool then feel free to share, and we will have it ready on our platform in a jiffy. If you have any other questions or suggestions for us then we will be glad to hear them. Just give us a shout, we are here 24×7 to help. Happy testing! 🙂

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