LambdaTest Releases SSH Tunnel To Let You Test Your Locally Hosted Applications

Posted by Lambda Test | April 3, 2018
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LambdaTest has released its Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel feature which will allow you to test your private server URLs or locally hosted web apps or websites through LambdaTest’s cloud servers.

Through our secure shell tunneling features, you can also test HTML, CSS, PHP, Python or other similar web files saved on your local system folders, on combinations of operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions that are available on LambdaTest.

It gives you the the flexibility of securely testing your code for cross browser and cross platform compatibility, even before it is deployed over production environment.

Our tunnel feature is supported in all the mobile and desktop browsers to let you test your local webapp on every version of mobile and desktop browser.

Tunnel feature can be used to test any:

  • Webapps / Web Pages hosted on your localhost or local environment
  • Webpages / apps, or HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / Python files present in local system
  • Websites / Web Apps hosted on secure sandbox/development environment
  • Pages hosted on secure Private Networks
  • IP address with a host entry in /etc/hosts folder
  • Private IP URL (e.g. URL of your staging server)

To know how you can test your locally hosted applications, you can go through the documentation here.

Happy Testing!

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