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Harshit Paul

Posted On: July 24, 2020

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Hey testers! We hope you are all safe and healthy as we share this exciting product update. We’ve worked hard last couple weeks to incorporate a few invaluable customer suggestions into the product and I am about to quickly share them with you. Here we go!

This product update is going to be all about our cloud Selenium Grid. Which now allows you to perform:

Now Test Browser Extensions For Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge Browsers As Well

Till now, you were only able to test browser extensions on Google Chrome using our cloud Selenium Grid. Now, you could also test browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge browsers.

Perform live interactive cross browser test on firefox browser for your public or locally hosted websites and web apps on real operating system.

Note: Browser extensions support for Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge browsers is in beta stage right now. We are gathering some amazing feedback and are working to incorporate them before we get it out of beta testing. If you want to perform automated browser testing for your browser extensions on Firefox & Edge then give us a shout.

For Microsoft Edge browsers, you could test extensions on Chromium-based Edge Browser versions.

Test your browser extensions now and let us know how it went for you. 🙂

Want to perform Selenium testing on Edge 80? try LambdaTest now.

Automated Browser Testing On Microsoft Edge 83 & 84 Beta

Earlier, we introduced the latest Microsoft Edge browser version in our live interactive testing. Now, they are available on our Selenium Grid as well. You can find these browser versions in our Selenium Desired Capability Generator. Just as a side note, you can even perform Selenium testing on Edge 18 for your website.

Easily Debug Selenium Scripts With Live Interaction On High Sierra

Debugging could be an annoying task but we do our best to make it more convenient for you. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a feature that lets you perform live interaction debugging while running your Selenium scripts.

 Selenium scripts

Using this feature, you will be able to pause the virtual machine that is running your Selenium script and you can then break the sessions for debugging your test scripts from the automation logs itself.

automation logs

This feature is under beta testing which is why it is only present in macOS High Sierra for now. We are working to make this better for you and should be live with this feature on other operating systems shortly.

Improved UI For Automation Dashboard

Thanks to our awesome users, we were able to improve our Automation dashboard to offer better insights for Selenium testing scripts.

Bye Bye Pagination, Hello Infinite Scroll

Earlier in our timeline view, we used to offer pagination where you had to go to previous pages for accessing older test builds. Not anymore! Now, you can scroll down the timeline infinitely till you find the previous builds you were looking for.


Download Build Reports & Delete Builds From Timeline

You can now download build reports directly from the timeline view. In order to download the build reports, you will need to click on the dot-menu over the right side and click on download.

Builds From Timeline

You can even delete a build from the timeline.

Change Build Name From Timeline

Now, you can rename a build from the timeline as well. To rename a build you will need to hover over the build name and click on the pencil icon to edit it.

Build delete edit option

After you click on the pencil icon, you can fill in the new name and save it.

Build Name change

Similarly, you can even change the test name from automation logs.

Test Name change

Stop A Running Build

Triggered a huge automation test by mistake? No issues. You can now stop any running build from the timeline. All you need to do is hit the three dot menu on the right and click on ‘stop’.

Stop build

Now with LambdaTest, you can perform real-time live interacting testing of your website or webapp starting from Firefox 63 Beta to the latest Firefox version available.

That Is All

Other than what we discussed so far, we also fixed some minor bugs and improved our Selenium Grid performance. Do give these features a spin and let us know your thoughts. We are looking forward to your amazing feedback. In case you have any questions feel free to share them with us through our 24/7 chat support. You could also mail them to us through Happy testing! 🙂

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