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Maneesh Sharma

Posted On: September 12, 2022

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TL; DR; To support innovation in software testing frameworks and toolsets, LambdaTest is excited to announce a $250,000 grant for open source projects and contributors building solutions for the QA and Testing community. 🙏🏻

In our software industry, it is all about community and collaboration. Nobody is working in isolation. It is about solving problems together and then sharing it with the world. We see this not only in building an operating system like Linux or cloud scaling technologies like Kubernetes or Dockers, but also in our world of testing with projects like Selenium, Appium, Webdriver, Playwright, Cypress and many others. These open frameworks for the community, by the community, are really driving innovation even today. We have also created a GitHub Collection on Open Source Testing Frameworks and Tools for our community to reference.

If I step back however, there is a paradigm shift happening in the testing landscape. From desktop to mobile to hybrid and cloud, the world has moved rapidly towards agile DevOps. Platforms like GitHub and GitLab have accelerated this collaboration for developers and testers alike.

One of the eminent speakers in our recent TestMu conference talked about the fact that there will never be a single tool in our agile software dev and test landscape. There will always be a Toolchain. However, I believe this toolchain will only be as fast as the slowest component in the toolchain. AI led code authoring tools like GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer and Salesforce Code T5 are going to accelerate software development by a factor of 100 to 1000 times. We have some amazing code authoring partners like Testim, AccelQ , Copado, Virtuoso, Katalon and others that are also helping even testers accelerate test authoring.

But what about the pressure it is going to put on CI/CD or continuous testing. Test Execution sometimes becomes the slowest component in the toolchain clogging your DevOps pipeline. Even with shift-left, we have more and more Unit Test cases , Integration Testing, API testing and E2E testing that needs accelerating. It is not only about automation anymore.The testing landscape has become a lot more complex in DevOps. We need Security, Scalability and Reliability without compromising on quality.

That is where we believe our testing community needs to innovate faster. ⚡️🚀

At LambdaTest, we truly believe there is a lot of innovation our open source and testing community can drive.

To further support this community, we are excited to announce a $250,000 grant for open source developers and projects working on testing frameworks/tools. With participation from organizations, innovation in our testing landscape will swiftly accelerate. It is not about the monetary value. It is about triggering conversations, providing feedback, sharing learnings to push our testing community forward. We at LambdaTest are already running Selenium, Playwright and Appium certifications to skill the community. This will help drive a lot of talent in our community. We hope the grant will help those creating game changing testing stacks that will solve today’s and future problems.

Community -> Innovation -> OpenSource ; I believe these are interlinked to drive the future of testing.

Head over to for more information on how you can apply for the grant program !

Let us change the future of testing, TOGETHER ! 🤝

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Maneesh Sharma

Maneesh Sharma is the Chief Operating Officer at LambdaTest, leading the company’s GTM growth and operations. Passionate about technology and software innovation, Maneesh has over 24 year of experience in the industry. Before LambdaTest, Maneesh was the Country Head and General Manager of GitHub India, making it the world’s fastest growing developer market for GitHub. Maneesh has held a number of leadership positions at leading technology companies, including Adobe and SAP, and he was also the JAVA Ambassador at Sun Microsystems, where he drove developer engagement across APAC.

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