Together Against COVID-19: A Message From LambdaTest CEO

Asad Khan

Posted On: April 7, 2020

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Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 our lives have gone through a major upheaval. All of us are forced to stay in isolation away from our friends and family. With the number of people affected in this pandemic rising every day, it’s difficult to not be consumed by anxiety and fear. Something that is so small in size has irrevocably changed the world we live in. Even with the combined might of all humanity working towards a solution to this crisis, there is no consensus on when this will be 100% over. It could take 8-12 weeks or a long haul of 6-12 months for the situation to come back to relatively normal.

Not to forget, this crisis has made a considerable dent over the global economy. Especially in the last month, as all the companies around the globe are going to face a significant amount of loss in revenue for the next quarter. We already are witnessing quite a few lay-offs and pay-cuts, even in the big enterprises. Even as the world quickly moves towards the eradication of this virus, businesses will be in the fight of their lives to stay afloat and register growth.

How LambdaTest Can Help Businesses Impacted By COVID-19?

We are a startup ourselves. We have seen first hand the hustle of bringing more and more customers under any circumstances and even they struggle to make ends meet in trying times. Our empathy with this struggle motivated us to do something for the businesses impacted by COVID-19 induced recession and we are proud to announce a relief package for freelancers, startups, medium sized businesses, and for organizations fighting COVID-19.

Even though the current situation seems bleak and dreary, there are many among us who are making constant efforts to make our lives much easier. These are the ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in all of our lives. These are the people involved in the essential services helping us in conducting basic functions of life. Or our employees, who despite all the challenges have miraculously adapted to working from home in such a short span of time.

We at LambdaTest are doing our best to help you in every way we can. Especially the businesses that are most impacted by this crisis, to help them get back on their feet.

Do contact our support and customer success teams to know more about how we can help your team with testing infrastructure needs.

You can also learn more about our special pricing for Non-profit and COVID-19

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LambdaTest Ensures Continuity of Services

With that said, I would also like to assure our users that LambdaTest has a business continuity plan in place and will carry on with all its operations with the best of abilities, including our defining services like support, innovation, and scalability.

As more and more teams are working remotely, testing remotely, leaving their dependencies on in-house device labs, and are moving towards cloud based development cycles, we are working round the clock to bridge this demand with our cloud based testing infrastructure.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to my entire team at LambdaTest and their families for their hard work and determination. They are an exceptional bunch that always give their best to every single task in front of them with a smile on their face.

Stay safe, everyone. I wish you all the best for the hard times in front of us.

Asad (CEO LambdaTest)

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