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Powerful technology leader of 16 years, who is working towards a CTO role. Right now I'm in a role which allows me to gain CTO experience and work with the board. I love to inspire people through my blog content and by speaking at conferences. You can read my blogs here: Previously I have worked for The Economist and created an 'Engineering centre of excellence' in Central Birmingham from scratch, eventually growing the technology practice to 80 members in 3 years. Having graduated at Aston University I care about giving back to those who educated me. On that front I mentor undergraduate and MBA students. Also working as a board member for TedX Aston University, helping students to reach their potential and push them to their limits, with the ultimate aim to put on the best TedX event which empowers others to believe in the power of themselves.

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My experiences in Shifting QA left

Thought Leadership

My experiences in Shifting QA left

We have all heard the term ‘Shifting QA left’ in software testing – it is a term used by many senior stakeholders and while there are lots of ways of doing this, I will be sharing some ways which have worked well for me in the past.

July 8, 2022

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The power of the right culture and leadership

Thought Leadership

The power of the right culture and leadership approach

Behind any competent and successful software, there is a story of empowered, talented, and hardworking people, who are working in an awesome culture.

June 13, 2022

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