Continuous Testing With Jenkins Pipeline On Selenium Grid Cloud

Automate and deploy process of your web apps by running your Selenium test scripts through Jenkins CI pipeline on LambdaTest cloud.
Continuous testing with Jenkins Pipelines
Parallel testing and Jenkins CI

Cut Down Your Test Cycles With Parallel Testing & Jenkins CI

Iterate and deliver quality builds faster by reducing your test execution time with Parallel testing and Jenkins CI.
Integrate Jenkins Pipeline with LambdaTest

Run Selenium Tests Automatically After Each Commit

Easily configure your Jenkins pipeline to automatically run tests on LambdaTest Selenium Grid at each commit.
test commit
Chrome LocalHost

Perform Secure Local Testing With Jenkins Plugin

Set up and tear down the Lambda Tunnel binary file and test your locally hosted web apps or privately hosted projects on 3000+ browsers through your Jenkins job.
Local Page Testing
Restful API to fully automate your continuous testing workflow. Fetch test details such as test status, metadata, Selenium logs, video logs, and more, to build robust test reports.LambdaTest API arrow
diamondLow Test Flakiness
We make sure you say Goodbye to flaky Selenium tests by providing a reliable Selenium Grid online which has little or no flakiness while executing your Selenium automation scripts.START TESTING arrow
squareDebugging & Logs
Debug your Selenium automation test results through metadata, network logs, command logs, exception logs, raw Selenium logs, and Video recordings of the entire test execution.START TESTING Arrow
circle outlineCI/CD
Integrate LambdaTest Selenium testing cloud with your choice of continuous integration tools using our native plugins for Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, and more.CI/CD Integrations arrow icon
rectangleLocal Testing With Jenkins CI
With Lambda Tunnel you can run Selenium automation tests on your locally or privately hosted pages. Ensure cross browser compatibility of your web-app, even before deploying it your CI/CD pipelines.START TESTING arrow

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Comprehensive Insights Of Selenium Test Execution

View metrics of Total Tests Run, Screenshots, Video Logs, Tests Passed/Failed and many more metrics on the LambdaTest dashboard.
Continuous testing with Jenkins Pipelines

Seamless Collaboration

Integrate LambdaTest with your favorite tool and save yourself from manually managing bugs and tasks. Also fits with your CI/CD pipeline.

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What is Jenkins Pipelines?
Jenkins Pipeline is a plugins suite that allow you to integrate and implement continuous delivery pipelines. You can enable jobs in Jenkins Pipeline with the aid of Pipeline DSL (Domain Specific Language) syntax. DSL makes modeling of the most complex distribution pipelines easily.
Why to use Jenkins Pipelines?
Jenkins Pipeline makes use of the Continuous Integration functionality that allows the regular release of the software. It ensures that the software is always ready for production.
What are the different types of pipelines in Jenkins?
Jenkins pipelines are of two types, i.e., declarative and scripted pipelines. The Declarative pipeline is a new feature that supports the concept of code pipeline. This code is written a Jenkinsfile that can be tested into a source control tool like Git. A scripted pipeline is a standard method to write code where the Jenkinsfile is written on the Jenkins user interface instance.
What are the stages in Jenkins Pipelines?
In a pipeline, a stage is a series of phases, such as the build, deploy, test, and release. The Jenkins pipeline process is typically interpreted using a stage process.
How to configure LambdaTest Jenkins plugin?
After downloading the plugin, you will need a admin level access to install the Jenkins plugin. You need to ensure there are no active builds jobs in execution or queue. For installation process, visit the documentation.
Can I Integrate Selenium tests with Jenkins?
Yes! LambdaTest allows you to integrate your Selenium tests with Jenkins using a plugin that connects your Jenkins CI instance to the LambdaTest Selenium Grid. LambdaTest provides you a vast library of 3000+ browsers and browser versions to achieve a higher test coverage while performing automation testing using the Selenium test suite. Visit the documentation for more information.


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