Browser Compatibility Testing of CSS text-size-adjust

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Browser Compatibility Testing of CSS text-size-adjust

CSS text-size-adjust

On mobile devices, the text-size-adjust CSS property allows Web authors to control if and how the text-inflating algorithm is applied to the textual content of the element it is applied to. Because many websites have not been developed with small devices in mind, mobile browsers differ from desktop browsers in the way they render web pages. Instead of laying out pages at the width of the device screen, they lay them out using a viewport that is much wider, usually 800 or 1000 pixels. To map the extra-wide layout back to the original device size, they either show only part of the whole render or scale the viewport down to fit.

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BROWSER SUPPORT FOR CSS text-size-adjust

Google Chrome

CSS text-size-adjust is not compatible for Chrome browser version 4 to Chrome browser version 53. Chrome browser version 54 to Chrome browser version 67 support this web property.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser property is not compatible for Firefox browser.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer browser version 6 to 11 doesn't support this browser element.


Safari browser doesn't support this web element.

Microsoft Edge

CSS text-size-adjust element is partially supported with prefix -ms- by Microsoft Edge browser and by partial support in Microsoft Edge it refers to supporting in the older version of the web browser.


Opera browser version 10.1 to Opera browser version 42 and Opera browser version 44 doesn't supports this property. CSS text-size-adjust is compatible for Opera browser version 43 and Opera browser version 45 to Opera browser version 53.

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"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.

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