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Micheal Calvin

"LambdaTest enables quick & efficient testing across browsers & OS, with valuable logs & video screenshots for debugging & enhancing product quality. We're excited to continue with them in the future."

Micheal Calvin

CTO & Executive Founder,Kinectify

At a Glance

Challenge Faced: Kinectify faced challenges in testing its AML risk management technology, requiring comprehensive device and OS testing. With 400 test cases per sprint, they prioritized security, reliability, and scalability.


  • Enhanced AML risk management technology quality via device and OS testing.
  • Identified and resolved previously unnoticed bugs and issues.
  • Enhanced user experience with a great UI design.

About Kinectify

Kinectify is a leading provider of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions, specializing in risk management technology for gaming operators in the US and Canada. Their AML solutions help gaming operators identify and mitigate financial risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and safeguarding against money laundering activities.

By implementing Kinectify's AML risk management technology, gaming operators can effectively manage and mitigate financial risks associated with their operations. It provides comprehensive monitoring of transactions and customer activities, enabling operators to detect suspicious patterns and potential money laundering activities in real time.


Kinectify’s one of the biggest challenges was the need to test their AML risk management technology on a wide range of devices and operating systems. Kinectify has around 400 test cases in their regression suites for every sprint. Additionally, they needed to ensure that their technology was secure, reliable, and scalable.

Challenges Faced by Kinectify in Their Testing Process:

Kinectify encountered several testing challenges that prompted them to seek an efficient testing solution to ensure compatibility, streamline test management, and enhance security measures for their AML risk management technology. Some of those challenges were:

  • Device and Operating System Compatibility: Kinectify faced the challenge of testing its AML risk management technology on a wide range of devices and operating systems while ensuring compatibility and optimal performance across different platforms.
  • Complex Test Management: Kinectify needed to efficiently organize, prioritize, and execute 400 test cases to ensure effective testing and timely delivery of their AML risk management technology.
  • Security Assurance: Kinectify is needed to conduct thorough security testing to identify and address any vulnerabilities or potential risks. By prioritizing security assurance, they aimed to establish trust and maintain the integrity of their AML risk management technology.

LambdaTest Empowering Kinectify: Playwright Switch, Test Automation, and Exceptional Support

LambdaTest's platform has empowered Kinectify to enhance the quality of their AML risk management technology by conducting extensive testing across various devices and operating systems.

Enhanced Device and OS Compatibility: LambdaTest helped Kinectify by providing access to a vast library of real devices and OS. They could efficiently test their AML risk management technology across various devices and platforms, ensuring compatibility, optimal performance, and a seamless UX.

Playwright switch: Kinectify transitioned from WebdriverIO to Playwright, leveraging its speed and flexibility for development processes. LambdaTest provided support during the transition, enabling Kinectify to test Playwright scripts on their platform.

Efficient Automation Testing: With LambdaTest, Kinectify automated a significant portion of their testing, achieving around 25% test case automation. The platform offers diverse language support, cloud-based infrastructure, and CI/CD tool integrations for seamless test automation.

Customer Support: Kinectify received excellent customer support from the LambdaTest team. Regular platform updates and new features ensured Kinectify stayed up-to-date with testing technologies, enhancing their AML risk management product quality.

LambdaTest Kinectify's Test Automation, Elevating UI Excellence, and Delivering Outstanding Support

LambdaTest has helped Kinectify ensure a great user interface as they test a lot of complex features. By automating more of their tests, they can save time on test execution and improve their overall product quality. Using LambdaTest, Kinectify has been able to automate a significant portion of its tests, with around 25% of its test cases currently automated and they hope to reach their goal of 80% test automation in the near future.

By using the platform, they have been able to significantly improve the quality and user interface of their AML risk management technology. Additionally, LambdaTest's platform has helped them automate their testing process, which has further enhanced their testing efficiency. The excellent customer support provided by LambdaTest has been invaluable in helping Kinectify overcome any issues that they have encountered. Overall, LambdaTest's platform has been an important factor in Kinectify's success in developing high-quality AML risk management technology for gaming operators in the US and Canada.

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