Transitioning from Sluggish Tests to Speedy Execution: How Lereta Achieved 70% Faster and Reliable Testing with LambdaTest

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LambdaTest HyperExecute evolved our testing process at Lereta. By minimizing network traffic, it dramatically reduced execution times. It's a more efficient way to manage test environments - just a click away from faster, more effective testing.

Todd Lemmonds

VP of Quality Assurance,

Lereta LLC

Challenge Faced

Lerata needed to test their software faster and more reliably, especially during the development pipeline, which was a critical requirement.

Key Result

With HyperExecute, Lereta achieved faster test execution, and consistent test results, thereby, releasing new features and bug fixes more quickly, and it provides a better user experience to its customers.


Lereta, a leading provider of real estate tax and flood services in the United States, faced significant hurdles in their testing process. They needed faster and more dependable testing, especially within a tight development timeline. To tackle this, Lereta adopted LambdaTest and employed the HyperExecute solution, which was designed to speed up test execution.

About Lereta

Lereta, a leading US provider of real estate tax and flood services, brings over 30 years of industry experience. They offer property tax data and flood determination services to help mortgage lenders and servicers comply with evolving regulations.

Beyond their top-notch services, Lereta prioritizes client relationships. They collaborate closely with clients, tailoring their support to individual needs for a seamless experience. With their unwavering commitment to precision, compliance, and customer satisfaction, Lereta remains a trusted name in real estate tax and flood services.


Lereta’s Struggle to Achieve Faster Test Execution with Reliable Results

Lereta's software testing process was mired in challenges that impeded their ability to meet their quality assurance objectives efficiently, impacting their software releases. The key challenges included:

  • Sluggish Test Execution: Lereta’s existing test execution process was time-consuming and inefficient. It took hours to execute a test that should have taken less than 10 minutes, delaying the release of new features and bug fixes.
  • Flaky Tests: Lereta encountered a substantial number of flaky tests, affecting the dependability and efficacy of their testing process. These testing yielded inconsistencies, resulting in false positives and negatives and making it difficult to identify true problems.
  • Inconsistent Test Results: Inconsistent test results made it difficult for Lereta to identify and fix bugs. This delayed the release of new features and bug fixes, which impacted the overall customer experience.
  • Lack of Customer Support: Lereta’s existing test execution tool did not offer adequate customer support. They were looking for a solution that was more customer-focused and offered a better customer support experience.

Achieving Lightening Fast Test Execution with Nearly Zero Flakiness

Faced with these challenges, Lereta sought a comprehensive solution that could tackle their testing woes head-on. LambdaTest Hyperexecute emerged as the perfect choice, and here's how it transformed Lereta's testing landscape:

  • Faster Test Execution: LambdaTest HyperExecute uses a distributed cloud infrastructure to execute tests in parallel, thereby reducing any network latency. This helped Lereta in achieving significantly faster test execution, especially for large test suites.
  • Stable Infrastructure: LambdaTest’s stable infrastructure and dependable network ensured consistent test results, allowing Lereta to identify and treat actual concerns- with nearly 0 flakiness.
  • Insightful Dashboard: HyperExecute's dashboard centralizes test information, saving time on searching. The automatic report tool simplifies report sharing with one-click functionality. It also offers reliable tests with self-healing, retries, and detailed logs.
  • Customer-First Approach: LambdaTest offers Lereta with customizable test environments and add right dependencies to their runners using pre and post-scripts. Further, they were happy with the customer support offered by LambdaTest during the demos and beyond.

Lereta Achieves Faster Test Execution with LambdaTest

LambdaTest’s Test orchestration and execution solution- HyperExecute helped Lerata to improve its test execution process significantly by reducing network traffic. This resulted in 70% faster test execution, consistent test results, and the ability to meet fast test results requirements in the development pipeline. The cloud based test orchestration platform co-locates the test execution environment and the browser instance. This eliminates the need to send data back and forth over the network, which further reduces the test execution time.

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