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Debugging in Real Time on Android Browsers

Now you can easily debug on the go with integrated chrome developer tools while testing on android browsers at LambdaTest platform. You can debug your android mobile browser webpages or webapps as if you are debugging desktop pages through integrated chrome developer tools.

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Debugging in Real Time on iOS Browsers

At LambdaTest platform, you can view and debug any HTML, CSS, JavaScript website or webapps by leveraging the full potential of integrated Safari Developer tools on iOS mobile browsers. You can check your website by changing in code through developer tools across all the iOS devices.

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Debugging in Desktop Browsers

While performing cross browser testing on desktop browsers using LambdaTest, you have full access to browsers native debugging tools to help you debug your websites or webapps in real time. This can also be done while testing your locally hosted web application across all browsers.

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debugging in desktop browsers using Safari Developer tools
Chrome, Safari Developer tools

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Mark as a Bug

While debugging your website performing cross browser testing on all Desktop and Mobile devices with LambdaTest, you can also mark your bug directly from LambdaTest to any bug management tool like JIRA, Asana, Trello or move it to Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, VSTS, or also communicate over Slack.

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Other Browsers to Choose From

You can choose from a range of 1400+ desktop and mobile browsers including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Yandex, Opera, and Firefox allowing you to ensure that your customers get pixel perfect experience across all screen sizes, devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions.

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Fastest Way for Cross Browser Testing

Test your website on Firefox

You can test your website for cross browser compatibility across all Firefox browser versions using LambdaTest.

Test your website on Chrome

Perform cross browser testing of your website/ webapp across all Chrome browser versions using LambdaTest.

Test your website on IE/Edge

Perform cross browser testing of your website/ web app across all IE and Edge versions using LambdaTest.

Free Plan With 60 Minutes of Live Testing

Our plans starts with a free plan where you access to all features and free 60 minutes of live testing per month.

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Need support for a larger team? We have very flexible plans and if they don’t suffice, leave us a message here, and we would help you out.

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