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Experience lightning-fast test execution Cloud on 3000+ browsers that is up to 70% faster than any traditional Selenium Grid cloud. Perform parallel testing on latest and legacy browser versions.




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Fastest End-to-End Test Execution Cloud

HyperExecute is an impressive cloud based platform that allows you to execute your tests in no time. HyperExecute is a platform that executes your tests faster than any other cloud-based test execution grid. The platform also scales as you add more tests, and has intelligent features to manage the testing process. Experience faster test execution on 3000+ browsers and browser versions.
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Traditional Testing vs Hyperexecute
Real Time Console and Execution Logs

Real Time Console and Execution Logs

With HyperExecute, you get a single dashboard view with both terminal and full test execution logs for 3000+ browsers. An intuitive dashboard makes it easier to see how well your automated tests are running. This in turn makes it easier to debug and fix problems when they arise.
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Runs on Linux containers, MacOS, and Windows

HyperExecute provides hosted, feature-packed runners for every major operating system. They come with pre-installed support for all major programming languages and frameworks including Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, GO, C#, Rust, and Ruby.
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Runs on Linux containers, MacOS, and Windows
Intelligent Test Orchestrations on browsers

Intelligent Test Orchestrations on browsers

Using a YAML file, HyperExecute allows you to group and distribute tests intelligently across environments. This intelligent test orchestration takes past test run data into account and automatically reorders the test runs to surface failures faster and cut down developer feedback times.
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Automatic Report Generation on browsers

HyperExecute lets you analyze the quality of your builds on a single platform by generating reports for each build you execute. You can also eliminate the need of gathering data from multiple sources and building extensive reporting frameworks on any browser version.
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Automatic Report Generation on browsers

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Massive Parallel Testing on browsers

Massive Parallel Testing on browsers

HyperExecute can run your tests in parallel on any browser version at a massive scale, giving you ultrawide test coverage while ensuring precise YAML-based concurrency control and matrix-based multiplexing. This means you can cut down not only on test execution time but also on test creation times!
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List of supported browsers for HyperExecute

  • ChromeChrome
  • Safari Safari
  • Firefox Firefox
  • IE Internet Explorer
  • Opera Opera
  • Edge Edge

On Premise Cloud that Scales

For organizations concerned about keeping their data on premises, we offer HyperExecute with on-premise cloud capabilities. With HyperExecute, you can set up your own cloud runners and storage which ensure no data leaves your organization’s firewalls ever. Whether your application needs to be scaled up or down, we have you covered with our configurable hypercloud environment.
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Automation Analytics
Enterprise grade Security, Privacy, And Compliances

Enterprise grade Security, Privacy, And Compliances

LambdaTest ensures that all data, whether in transit or at rest—including records of test execution—is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. We also implement rigorous access controls and auto purge test machines after they have been used. LambdaTest is SOC2 Type2 Certified, CCPA and GDPR Compliant.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce my test time?
There are certain best practices that you can follow such as define explicit waits, create atomic test, limit the number of Selenium commands. It is also important to have the right tool in your arsenal, HyperExecute is a test execution platform that can speed up your test execution times by 70 percent as compared to any existing Selenium Grid. You can run test cases in parallel over a cloud-based or on-premise grid.
How do you speed up Selenium test case execution?
Using HyperExecute you can speed up Selenium test case execution by 70% over a scalable cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure. HyperExecute is a feature-rich, high performing, test execution platform with intelligent test orchestration and insightful reporting mechanism to help you ship releases faster.
What is the difference between test planning and test execution?
Test execution depends on test cases. A test plan is a document that elaborates the scope, objective, and weight of testing efforts. A test strategy describes how testing needs to be done. Test plans are used at the project level, whereas test strategies are used at the organization level.
What does test execution mean?
Test execution is the process of running all or part of a test suite, comparing results against expected results, and reporting on whether the test passed or not. Consider these factors when choosing which tests to execute: Decide which pieces of your test suite to run each cycle, based on recent changes or other factors that increase risk.