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Perform live-interactive and automated cross browser compatibility testing on 3000+ browsers, OS and device combinations.

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Live Interactive Browser Compatibility Testing

Instantly access and perform live, interactive tests on real machines across multiple browsers and operating systems.
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Browser Compatibility Testing
Selenium Automation Testing

Online Selenium Test Automation At Scale

Execute automated browser tests on a reliable and secure online Selenium grid, supporting cross-browser testing on 3000+ browsers.
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HyperExecute - Our Fastest Test Execution Platform

A next-generation test execution platform for agile QA teams. Test execution on cloud that matches local test execution speeds, and costs as much as a flexible spot instance cloud.











Run Cypress Test Automation Scripts On Cloud

Run and analyze Cypress test scripts online, accelerating quality builds with access to 40+ browser versions in the cloud. Benefit from a secure, scalable, high-performing testing platform designed for scale.
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Cypress Test Automation
HyperExecute, Blazing Fast Next-Gen Testing Cloud

HyperExecute, Blazing Fast Next-Gen Testing Cloud

Experience rapid test execution at unparalleled speeds on a highly scalable cloud infrastructure. This next-gen platform offers local test execution speeds at the cost of a flexible spot instance cloud.
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On-Premise Selenium Grid For Enterprises

Utilize LambdaTest cloud infrastructure within your firewall for secure, high-performance testing. Enjoy superior performance and minimal latencies with LambdaTest Grid, running tests directly inside your network.
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On-Premise Selenium Grid

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Mobile App Testing Cloud

Mobile App Testing Cloud For Faster Delivery

Perform live-interactive testing on native or hybrid mobile apps with LambdaTest's real device cloud and virtual emulator/simulator platform. Eliminate the need for an in-house device lab and reduce testing costs.
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Test Android And iOS Apps On Real Device Cloud

Test websites and native apps on numerous real mobile devices. Upload your app to our cloud-based platform to check responsiveness, reliability, and compatibility across thousands of Android and iOS devices.
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Real Device Cloud
Smart Visual Regression Testing

Smart Visual Regression Testing On Cloud

Utilize smart image-to-image comparison to instantly identify visual deviations in the new build, including icon size, padding, color, layout, text, element positioning, and more, with just one click.
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Faster Automated Screenshots

LambdaTest's automated screenshots feature enables visual cross-browser compatibility testing across over 3000 mobile and desktop browsers with simple configuration selection.
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Automated Screenshot Testing

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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Easily enable Single Sign-On (SSO). Integrate LambdaTest with identity and access management tools Okta, Active Directory, and OneLogin to seamlessly onboard your teams.

Multi-channel Support

Multi-channel Support

Unlock our platform's full potential quickly with free training modules, extensive support documentation, and learning resources. Benefit from a dedicated account manager or our 24/7 customer support.

Powerful Integrations

Powerful Integrations

Boost productivity and teamwork with our 120+ ready-to-use integrations, covering CI/CD, project management, codeless automation, test management, and reporting tools for seamless collaboration.

Tailor-made Plans to Suit Your Needs

Tailor-made Plans to Suit Your Needs

Every business has unique requirements and we understand that. Businesses can pick and choose the features they want. No questions asked.

High Performance Infrastructure

High Performance Infrastructure

Our VMs are designed to be single-use to ensure the perfect testing conditions each time. No need to depend on expensive and daunting-to-maintain in-house infrastructure anymore!

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Gain access to comprehensive reports on test runs, browser and OS coverage, platform utilization, execution logs, and videos, among others. Integrate with the analytics tool of your choice to create your own insight report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Selenium Automation?
Selenium is a free and open-source tool for testing web applications across multiple browsers and operating systems. Selenium Test Scripts can be written in different programming languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, etc. Automation performed using the Selenium framework is referred to as Selenium Automation testing.
What are the benefits of Selenium in automation?
Selenium has numerous advantages for test automation. It also supports recording and playback for testing web apps and can execute numerous scripts across various browsers.
How can I automate with Selenium using LambdaTest?
The LambdaTest Selenium Automation Grid allows you to run end-to-end automation tests on a secure, robust, and scalable Selenium infrastructure. You can perform automated cross-browser testing across 2000 browsers and operating systems, resulting in higher test coverage and much shorter build times. Refer to our Selenium Automation testing documentation .
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