LambdaTest for GitHub Students

Perform unlimited website and app testing on LambdaTest’s cloud of 3000+ desktop and mobile browser environments with GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Github Students
LambdaTest for GitHub Students

LambdaTest for GitHub Students

With LambdaTest, as a student enrolled in GitHub Student Developer Pack, you can:

  • Perform unlimited manual realtime testing
  • Take unlimited screenshots with LambdaTest Screenshot testing
  • Perform unlimited responsive tests with LambdaTest Responsive testing
  • Use LambdaTest provided Team Management integrations
  • Compare different images for visual regression
  • Perform Geolocation Testing
  • Test on locally hosted environments with LambdaTunnel
  • Receive LambdaTest Weekly Team Progress Report
  • Take screenshots of pages secured behind login
  • Get all the features of LambdaTest Live-1 Parallel session plan

How to redeem?

We’ve got you covered! Make sure you've got the GitHub Student Developer Pack, and then sign up for LambdaTest by clicking the button below.

How to redeem?

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LambdaTest's community is the heart of the company, with more than 100k members. With our platform, testers and developers can orchestrate and execute tests seamlessly, resulting in faster releases.

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