Stand a chance to win Free LambdaTest Goodies and Annual live subscription, every week!


What is LambdaTest SWAG?

We are giving away exclusive LambdaTest Goodies as a token of LOVE from our side. That way, when you look down the road, you will have something to reminisce about us.

Presenting “LambdaTest Swag”

Share your cross browser testing stories with us and the world. Tell us about crazy browser compatibility bugs you may have found, or any solution you have implemented that fights these challenges.

Every week, 7 lucky participants will be rewarded with LambdaTest Goodies, delivered to their doorsteps! That isn’t all, we are also giving away our live annual subscriptions to 3 lucky winners.


To participate, you need to do one of the following activities:

  • Share your browser testing stories with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with the hashtags: #lambdatest or #browsertesting
  • Write about what you liked the most about LambdaTest.
  • Share any opensource tool, project, or library you find that is really helpful in keeping browser compatible bugs at bay.
  • Any cool quote that conveys the plight of testers.
  • Create a video on testing.
  • Original Memes - We can never have enough memes.


The winners will be announced every Wednesday from our company profiles on every Social Media platform. So make sure to follow or subscribe us on Social Media.

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Have a specific question? Check out our Support Center.

Can I choose a particular gift If I win?
The gift you get will be decided by a Lucky Draw.
How long do I have to wait to receive my Goodies?
After we announce the winner, you can expect the rewards to be delivered to you within 7 working days. In case of any delay from our logistics team, we will be sure to update you on the ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival).
If I am already on a premium plan, will upgrade to a bigger plan make me eligible for LambdaTest Swag?
We are giving swag to people upgrading to premium plans, however again that would be decided by the lucky draw which is conducted every week.
Will my luck factor increase if I buy a bigger plan/ more concurrent sessions?
Nope. Upgrading will just add your name to the lottery list, however, the chances remain the same.
What if I forget to tag LambdaTest in my post?
We would recommend that you repost the story and tag our official company pages on it. Use of either of the following hashtags is also recommended.#lambdatest or #browsertesting.
Will performing multiple activities for Swag help me with a better chance to win?
Definitely! The person with the highest luck factor would be the one who is doing all of the activities i.e. Sharing a browsing testing story + Sharing the most favourite part about LambdaTest + Upgrading their freemium plan to premium + Sharing an open-source tool or library + Sharing an awesome quote + Sharing an original meme + Sharing a video on testing!
Can I change the colour of LambdaTest Goodies?
If you get to be one of the lucky winners then you can specify your preference of colour to our customer delight team, once they contact you for logistics or size confirmation.
Can I place an order from if I like any specific LambdaTest Goody?
Do contact us for this and we would direct you to people who are making these goodies for us. (as well as any artwork required)

Have any other questions?

If you have questions about LambdaTest or the sign up process,
Please email us at support@lambdatest.com or ping us on in-app chat and we will be glad to answer all your questions.