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Browser Compatibility Testing For CSS text-stroke and text-fill

Intersection Observer

API that can be used to understand the visibility and position of DOM elements relative to a containing element or to the top-level viewport. The position is delivered asynchronously and is useful for understanding the visibility of elements and implementing pre-loading and deferred loading of DOM content.

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With LambdaTest you can test your website on 2000+ browser and OS combinations for cross browser compatibility issues and ensure that your webpage fallbacks are working fine on browsers that do not support Intersection Observer.

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BROWSER SUPPORT FOR Intersection Observer

Google Chrome

Chrome version 4 to 50 does not support Intersection Observer. Chrome 51 to 57 partially supportsIntersection Observer because isIntersecting property of IntersectionObserverEntry was not implemented, returning undefined. Chrome 58 to 67 supports Intersection Observerproperty.

Mozilla Firefox

This element is not supported by Mozilla Firefox browser version 2 to 51. This property is not supported by default but can be enabled in Firefox 52 to 54 version by by setting the about:config preference dom.IntersectionObserver.enabled to true. Firefox 55 to 61 supports Intersection Observer.

Internet Explorer

IE browser version 6 to 11 doesn't support Intersection Observer.


Safari browser version 3.1 to 11.1 doesn't supports Intersection Observer.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser version 12 to 14 does not support this property. intersection-observer. Edge 15 partially supports intersection-observer. Edge 16 and 17 supports intersection-observer.


Opera version 10.1 to 37 doesn't supports Intersection Observer. Opera 38 to 44 partially supports Intersection Observer property. Opera 45 to 53 supports Intersection Observer.

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"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.

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