iPad Simulator for App Testing

Test your iOS apps instantly on any iPad using iPad simulator for native iOS app testing on cloud.
iPad Simulator for Mobile App
Test Your App in Real-time

Test Your iOS App in Real-Time

Simulate your favorite iPad and perform real-time interactive testing of your iOS application. Test on 80+ iPad environments and deliver a seamless experience to your users visiting from iPads.
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Debug Your iOS app using iPad Simulator

Debug and identify compatibility anomalies of your app using our in-built dev tool. View crash reports, inspect UI elements, and mark bugs using screenshot and video recording to minimize your deployment time.
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Debug Your iOS app using iPad Simulator

Want to Test on Real iPads?

Connect with our experts and explore how your team can save hours every day by executing tests at LambdaTest test execution platform.

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Test Locally Hostesed Apps on Cloud

Test your dev or staging .ipa files for device compatibility, responsiveness, and iOS version compatibility before launching it on App stores. Use LambdaTest Tunnel to test you locally or privatly hostel apps.
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Test your iPad Apps before launch
Parallel Testing

Test Fast release Faster with iPad Emulators

Unblock your team through the power of cloud. Get instant access to a device cloud anytime anywhere to test and release apps faster. No need to build, maintain, and scale-up in-house device labs.
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Geolocation Testing

Use iPad simulators for natives apps to change the location and test if the app is working as expected before it hits the target market. Test for Geo Targeting, Geo Blocking, Geo Localization across 27+ countries including India, Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.
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Geolocation Testing
Responsive Testing using iPad Simulators

Responsive Testing using iPad Simulators

Test your iPad app for responsiveness on different devices including iPhones and Android smartphones. Ensure responsiveness of your app on all your favorite screen sizes and resolutions.
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One Click Bug Logging

Accelerate the speed of testing by levariging integations with LambdaTest. Assign bugs directly from the LambdaTest platform or integrate with a project management tool of your choice. Be it Jira, Trello, Slack, Asana, Jenkins, and more.
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One Click Bug Logging
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How to test my iPad apps?
An iPad simulator simulates the iOS meant for real iPads. QAs can upload their apps and start testing instantly on an iPad simulator instead of buying a real device. Online iPad simulators can be accessed using windows, mac or any other operating system. LambdaTest have official iPad simulators online, signup to start testing.
Why testing app on iPad is important?
USA alone had 81.4 million iPad users in 2020. It is critical to ship an iPad compatible iOS app if your want to serve these users. And to ensure the quality of the product you ship you must test it before delivery.