Sub Processors

List of LambdaTest Processors & Sub-Processors

Last Updated: July 25th, 2023

To deliver services, LambdaTest Inc. (“LambdaTest”) and its Affiliates may use third-party data processors (“Third-Party Sub-Processors”) and LambdaTest Affiliates to process Customer Data (Account data & Test Execution data). Capitalized terms not defined on this page have the meanings ascribed to them by the terms set forth in the LambdaTest Terms of Service or the written agreement between you and LambdaTest, as applicable (the “Agreement”), ensuring privacy and security as described in our Privacy Policy.

LambdaTest uses a commercially reasonable selection process to evaluate the security, privacy, and confidentiality practices of such Processors and sub-processors. Additionally, LambdaTest ensures that its Processors and sub-processors satisfy contractual obligations as those required by LambdaTest (as a Controller or Processor as may be applicable) through requisite Data Protection Addendum (“DPA”).

LambdaTest has formed positive working relationships with other organizations with the goal of safeguarding our customer data. We take privacy very seriously, and as such, we have provided a list of our sub-processors below.

1. Infrastructure Sub processors ...

LambdaTest owns or controls access to the infrastructure that LambdaTest uses to host and Process Test Execution Data submitted to the Services, other than as set forth herein. Currently, the LambdaTest production systems used for hosting Test Execution Data for the Services are located in the infrastructure Sub-processor listed below. Users accounts are typically established in one of these regions based on where the User is located, but may be shifted among locations to ensure performance and availability of the Services. The following table describes the legal entity engaged by LambdaTest in the storage of Service Data. LambdaTest also uses additional services provided by this Sub-processor to Process Test Execution Data as needed to provide the Services.

Entity NameSub processing ActivitiesCountry of StorageSecurity & Supplemental Measures
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud data hosting Services, Infrastructure, and Storage.United States, Frankfurt, India & IrelandAWS Compliance Programs
AWS Sub-processors
Microsoft AzureCloud data hosting Services, Infrastructure, and StorageCustomer Selected (United States,Frankfurt, Ireland, India, Australia etc.)Microsoft Trust Center
Service Trust Portal
Cloudflare, IncProvides content distribution (CDN), security and DNS services for web traffic transmitted to and from the Services. OR Secure and manage traffic to the Services, with access to URL interactions and IP addresses.GlobalCertifications and Compliance Resources
Cloudflare Sub-Processors
SumoLogic,Inc.Event tracking and Logs management for platform for service improvement, and Infrastructure monitoring.United StatesSumoLogic SubProcessors

2. Product Communications & Monitoring Subprocessors...

“Account data” is any Personal Information other than 'Test execution data' provided by the Customer during the Services and includes Personal Information to any employee, user, or customer personnel. We refer to this data as 'LambdaTest Account data.' Personal Information contains names, email addresses and Phone numbers.

Entity NameSub processing ActivitiesCountry of StorageSecurity & Supplemental Measures
MacStadium, IncCloud Infrastructure services, Devices hosting, and data center servicesUnited StatesMacStadium Sub-processors
LeasewebCloud Infrastructure services, Devices hosting, and data center servicesUnited StatesLeaseweb Subprocessors
United LayerCloud Infrastructure services, Devices hosting, and data center servicesUnited States AmsterdamUnited Layer
CtrlSCloud Infrastructure services, Devices hosting, and data center servicesIndiaCtrlS Subprocessors
ServecentricCloud Infrastructure services, Devices hosting, and data center servicesEuropeServecentric
OktaSSO and user authenticationUnited StatesOkta Sub-processors
SumoLogic,Inc.Event tracking and Logs management for platform for service improvement, and Infrastructure monitoring.United StatesSumoLogic SubProcessors
Amplitude, Inc.Analytics & visualization software and customer platform experience United StatesAmplitude Subprocessor
AtlassianProject management and product & engineering related activity tracking, product quality documentation.United StatesAtlassian Sub-processors
OpsGenieInfrastructure Capacity Monitoring & AlertingUnited StatesOpsgenie Subprocessors
HashiCorp VaultSecurity Vault forUnited StatesHashiCorp Sub processor list

3. Customer Support Sub processors ...

Entity NameSub processing ActivitiesCountry of StorageSecurity & Supplemental Measures
Zoho DeskCloud-based Customer Support Services, used as a ticketing platform by our Customer Success team.United StatesZoho Desk Subprocessors
Zoho SalesIQLive Customer Chat platform, used for providing real time chat support for prospects/customers.United StatesZoho SalesIQ Subprocessors
Slack Technologies, Inc.Communication toolUnited StatesSlack Subprocessor

4. Internal Use Sub processors...

LambdaTest utilizes third parties to provide specific functionality to facilitate the Services. These providers are the processors set forth below. In order to provide the relevant functionality, these processors may have access to Customer data. Their use is limited to the indicated Services.

Entity NameSub processing ActivitiesCountry of StorageSecurity & Supplemental Measures
Zoho CRMCustomer relationship management (CRM) platform, with access to name, email, role, and affiliationUnited StatesZoho CRN
Zoho Compliance
Zoho AnalyticsAnalytics purposesUnited StatesZoho Analytics Subprocessors
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorSocial selling platform. Sales team find people on LinkedIn using this platform and reach out to themUnited StatesLinkedIn Subprocessors
StripePayment Processor & platform to accept and manage online paymentsUnited StatesStripe Subprocessors
JustCallProvides telephony service on the cloud to make and receive phone calls for sales and support servicesUnited StatesJustCall Subprocessors
Ring CentralCustomer calling platformUnited StatesRing Central Subprocessors
DocuSignDigital Transaction ManagementUnited StatesDocuSign Subprocessors
Google LLC (G Suite)Email communication, cloud collaboration, calendar management and Internal productivity platformUnited StatesGoogle Workspace and Cloud Identity Subprocessors
JumpCloud IAMProvides multifactor authentication and Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)United States, IndiaJumpCloud’s Sub-processors
Slack Technologies, Inc.Messaging platform for internal communication, chat & notifications.United StatesSlack Subprocessor
1PasswordProvides secure credential storage application internally.United States1Password Subprocessor List
KekaProvides people resources management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)IndiaKeka Subprocessors
SpotdraftContract Management SoftwareUnited States
BrazeCustomer Engagement application for emailUnited StatesBraze Subprocessors
OutplaySales Engagement & Sales Automation PlatformUnited StatesOutplay Compliance
LushaContact database/platform. We don’t share any information with them. We take the information of prospects from this portal and reach out to them.United StatesLusha Subprocessors is used to enrich our incoming leads and existing database to add more demographic attributes. The primary service data processed by includes lead name, lead email address and lead company name.United Subprocessors
CalendlyOnline appointment scheduling softwareUnited StatesCalendly sub-processors
SuperhumanWith Superhuman, you can get back to the top of their inbox. When you send an email, just choose a timeUnited StatesSuperhuman Subprocessors

5. Due Diligence & Safeguards...

LambdaTest undertakes to use a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy, and confidentiality practices of proposed processors and sub-processors.

LambdaTest generally requires its processor & sub-processors to satisfy equivalent obligations required from LambdaTest (as a Processor or a Controller) as set forth in applicable Data Protection Addendum and Privacy & Data Protection laws.

6. Process to Engage New Sub-processors...

LambdaTest undertakes to keep this list updated regularly to enable its customers to stay informed of the scope of sub-processing associated with the LambdaTest Services. Customers are expected to monitor this list periodically for such updates.

A Customer who has signed a DPA with LambdaTest may object in writing to the processing of its Personal Information by a new sub-processor within thirty (30) days following the update of this policy and such objection shall describe Customer's legitimate reason(s) for objection. If the Customer does not object during such a time period, the new sub-processor(s) shall be deemed accepted.

7. Updates...

LambdaTest will keep this list updated by adding the names of new or replacement processors or sub-processors. The last date of update shall also be mentioned above.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Sub-processor or a processor, please send us a detailed message to , and we will try to resolve your concerns.