Automated Mobile App Testing

Automate and test your Android and iOS app on hundreds of real devices hosted in our secure, mobile application testing environment. Test continuously and boost testing efficiency using LambdaTest’s mobile app automation.




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Android Automation Testing

Get your Android apps ready for real-world scenarios. Automate and test your android application on any device in no time.
Test Web Apps on Mobile
Parallel Testing

iOS Automation Testing

Increase your test coverage and speed by testing your mobile apps on different versions of iOS devices parallelly.

Increase Device Coverage

Run automated mobile app testing on a wide range of iOS and Android devices. Select and test your app for responsiveness, reliability, and compatibility from our pool of 3000+ real devices.
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Online Device Cloud
Test Web Apps on Mobile

Zero Setup or Maintenance Charges

Perform mobile application automation testing on real mobile devices without having to maintain them in-house. Eliminate the need to build, maintain, and scale-up in-house device labs. Access any device directly from the cloud without any setup or maintenance charges.
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Test Dev or Public Apps

Run automated mobile app testing on your dev apps by uploading your .apk, .aab or .ipa files or install production directly from the app store or play store.
Automation Video Logs
Test Web Apps on Mobile

Real-time Debugging

Identify and debug apps in real-time using device logs, network logs, app logs, screenshots and videos. Identify UI anomaly using inspect element.

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Increase Test Acceleration Time

Run automation parallelly while performing mobile browser testing online and reduce test execution time. Reduce the number of false positives and ship with confidence.
Online Device Cloud
Geolocation Testing

One-Click Bug Logging

Accelerate test speed using LambdaTest’s bug logging feature. Assign bugs directly from the LambdaTest platform or integrate with popular, CI/CD, project management and communication tools of your choice.
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Geolocation Testing

Align with the preferences of different regions before going live by performing geolocation testing. Perform mobile application automation testing on real mobile browsers to ensure that your web apps are working as expected before it hits the target market.
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Online Device Cloud
Geolocation Testing

Integrate Effortlessly

Perform automated mobile app testing by creating and executing Appium test scripts in various language like Java, Python , C# and more.
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More Reasons to Love LambdaTest

Along with real devices to test we provide you additional features to make sure you give your users a perfect experience.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Got questions? Throw them to our 24/7 in-app customer chat support or email us on

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

We are SOC2 Certified, GDPR Compliant, and CCPA Compliant platform.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Cost-Effective Pricing

Access the device and run any number of tests without breaking your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automated mobile app testing?
Automated mobile app testing is the process of automating the testing of your mobile applications.
What are the frameworks supported for mobile app testing?
LambdaTest currently supports Appium framework. We are working on integrating other frameworks soon. If you have a particular framework in mind, please let us know.
How secure is LambdaTest?
LambdaTest offers enterprise-grade security. We are a SOC2 Certified platform that is GDPR Compliant and CCPA Compliant. Read about our security policy.

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