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Why my mobile website refused to connect? : Your website may not be supporting iframe. Don't worry LT Browser has it covered. Download and install LT Browser to enjoy un-interrupted mobile website testing for FREE!!


Supercharge Your Productivity The Mobile Friendly Testing


Quick Bug Logging

Mark an issue, share it, track it, and collaborate with your team to resolve it faster on your favorite team management tool.


In-built DevTools

Use native DevTools to debug webapps across multiple device screen sizes, any time you want.


Network Simulation

With a built-in speed test, LT Browser enables you to check if your mobile-friendly website works on slow 3G to 5G networks.


Google Lighthouse Report

You can view key performance metrics, such as accessibility score and SEO, for your website in a single report.


Side-by-Side Mobile View

Don't have to switch back and forth between devices. Test your website on multiple screens at the same time.


Custom Device Resolutions

Create your own viewport. Save it. Use it to test your mobile website on all related resolutions.

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What does a mobile friendly website mean?
A mobile-friendly website does not require zooming, scrolling, or resizing to view ; it preserves the look and feel of the website across all devices.
What is mobile friendly test?
Mobile friendly testing is a way to measure mobile friendliness. A site's mobile usability can be measured by its responsive behavior and compatibility with the website on given viewport and system environment. Google also provides a mobile-friendly test, but it cannot test mobile friendliness of the website. LT Browser, however, not only test the mobile friendliness of the website but allows you to build, test, and debug a mobile friendly website right from the same window.
Why mobile friendly test is important?
Making sure your website is “mobile-friendly” ensures that your visitors have a pleasing experience using their mobile devices to browse the content on your site. It also helps you with the relevant Google ranking factors so that your page comes up higher in search engine results.
How to perform mobile friendly test for my website?
LT Browser will help you test how your website appears across 50+ viewports, including all major mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. You can even create and save your own custom screen resolutions to verify how your site looks on any of device screens.
How to make my website mobile friendly?
There are a few checkpoints everyone should consider for making a mobile friendly website.
  • 1. Try not to be too distracting with pop ups
  • 2. Choose a mobile friendly theme for website
  • 3. Use easy to read font and font size
  • 4. Avoid un-necessary links on webpage
  • 5. Use light images , videos and CSS
  • 6. Check your website's buttons to make sure they're easily accessible.
  • 7. Test website regularly

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