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Run real time and automated cross browser testing across 3000+ different browsers, mobile devices, and OS.

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Online Cross Browser Testing

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Highest browser coverage

Real-time Cross Browser Testing on 3000+ Environments

Perform live-interactive online cross browser testing on 3000+ different desktop and mobile browsers. Get instant access to choice of web browser, browser version, operating system, and screen resolution.
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Real-time Cross Browser Testing
Test on Mobile devices

Accurate Testing

Test On Real Desktop And Mobile Browsers

Choose from a wide range of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS versions running latest and legacy browsers. Real devices running real operating systems and real browsers.
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Easy Debugging

Integrated Native Developer Tools For Debugging

Be it Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Yandex or even mobile browsers, every browser on LambdaTest cloud comes with a pre-installed native developer tools to help you debug.
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Integrated Native Developer Tools For Debugging

Features To Accelerate Cross Browser Testing

It's not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your online cross browser testing experience smoother and help you ship products faster.

Plugins & Extensions

Plugins & Extensions

Dedicated WordPress plugin and Chrome Extension to help you perform cross-browser testing and capture full-page screenshots.

Test Locally hosted pages

Test Locally hosted pages

Local hosted web testing to help you test in dev environments and save your website or app from after deployment bugs.

Geolocation testing

Geolocation testing

Test your website or mobile app from different geoIPs to make sure your users get the perfect experience across all locations.

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Test With Browser Extensions

Test your website using any Chrome extension relevant to your test script and take your website testing to the next level. The Pre-loaded Extension feature lets you add Chrome extensions to the test environment before initiating a session. This way, you won't need to log in and add extensions repeatedly inside virtual machines. Instead, the same extension will be available for you inside the test session.
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Browser Extensions
Upload Files

Upload Files

Now enhance your website testing by uploading your test script relevant files. Upload files of preferred format (txt, pdf, doc, xls, docx, xlsx). Simply upload your required file using Google Drive or any data storage cloud and open it in the remote VM. After downloading the file, it would be available in the remote VM of LambdaTest.
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Accessibility Testing

Harness the power of Screen Reader and Speech Viewer using NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) for Windows and Mac sessions to test digital content accessibility and visual recognition of your websites. Test your website and web apps on LambdaTest to ensure accessibility for a seamless user experience.
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Accessibility Testing

Powerful Cloud Testing Platform to Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Secure, Reliable, and High Performance Test Execution Cloud Build For Scale

Perform automated browser tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable automation cloud. Run JavaScript or Selenium tests at scale on 3000+ desktop and mobile browsers.

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Automated Testing

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Why LambdaTest For Online Browser Testing

Here’s why LambdaTest is the choice of cross browser testing for 2 Million+ developers & quality analysts

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Get access to industry leading 24x7 dedicated support

 Zero Test Flakiness

Zero Test Flakiness

Highly reliable and accurate infrastructure that has no flakiness

120+ Integrations

120+ Integrations

Fits seamlessly into your testing stack with out-of-the box integrations

3000+ environments

3000+ environments

Best browser coverage across on any cloud grid

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Here's why LambdaTest is the choice of test automation cloud for 2 Million+ developers & quality analysts


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LambdaTest is #1 choice for SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cross Browser Testing?
Cross browser testing is a non functional tests which allows you to check weather your website/web app works as intended across all possible combinations of browsers, OS, devices and resolutions. Cross browser testing helps you ship user friendly and browser agnostic websites/web apps.
What are the benefits of Cross Browser Testing?
Cross Browser Testing helps you find and debug browser specific errors. It ensures a uniform and the best possible user interface to your website/web app visitors.
How can I perform Cross Browser Testing?
You can have lab with all the combinations of Browser, OS, Devices and Resolution to test your website. Or you can use LambdaTest! With LambdaTest you get to choose from 3000+ Browser-OS combinations from comfort of your couch. You can even automate your cross browser testing and make it a part of your CI/CD Pipeline.
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