Become a LambdaTest Solution Partner

Consult, service, and deliver faster with LambdaTest platform

LambdaTest collaborates with solution partners to help customers with test management, test authoring, and reporting strategies. Our suite of continuous quality test products alongside the solution partners’ helps users get all their testing needs addressed under one roof.

If you are a Global Systems Integration (GSI), an Advisory firm, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), a specialized Testing Service Provider, or a Software License Reseller - grow with us!


Benefits of partnership

Collaborate with LambdaTest to accelerate your growth


Delight your customers with our solution

Collaborate with LambdaTest to get access to trainings and certifications. We’ll also connect you with dedicated channel managers and alliance managers to help you through your journey.


Support for go-to-market and co-promotion

Create a compelling story, promote your brand, and build awareness. Collaborate with the LambdaTest team to expand your reach with joint marketing assets, webinars, and joint events. You will also get planned go-to-market support to co-market & co-sell.


Dedicated partner resource and 24*7 support

Get access to partner resources & portal along with our 24*7 tech and customer support.


Solution partner logo rights

Showcase the partnership to your customers with usage rights for the LambdaTest Solution Partner logo.

Our Solution Partners


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Partner – Technical Resources & Support Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a LambdaTest Partner?
Any legitimate business with experience in cloud selling can be a part of the ecosystem.
Is there a partnership fee?
No, partners don’t have to pay a fee.
Does LambdaTest provide free accounts to its partners?
The demo account is free, for your company usage and there are discounted prices for the partners.
Do we need to sign an agreement to be LambdaTest Partners?
Every business has to sign a unique agreement agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.
What if we don’t want to sign an agreement?
Unfortunately, our partnership terms and conditions have to be agreed upon prior to joining the program
What are the Business Partner Standards of Conduct?
Please reach out to [email protected]for the Business Partner Standards of Conduct and any queries on the legal aspects.
Does LambdaTest provide certification to partners?
Yes, expert certificates are provided to the employees of the partner organizations.
What kind of marketing support does a partner receive?
It would vary depending on the tire of the partnership, but we extend full support to our partners in case they need help with marketing activities.
Will the LambdaTest team support me during and after a lead closure?
Yes, dedicated CMs will support you throughout the journey.
How can I access the LambdaTest marketing materials & collaterals and use them?
Upon signing the agreement, you will be provided with a partnership kit, which will have all details, collaterals, and resources.
Will I get product training on LambdaTest?
Yes, you will get dedicated training from our product experts to understand the LambdaTest platform.
Can I offer a discount/sell at a margin?
This can be done only after prior confirmation with the LambdaTest team. Both parties should agree on this.

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