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LambdaTest Brings Integration with Clubhouse

Integration With Clubhouse

LambdaTest new integration allows users to Directly Push Issues from to Clubhouse with a single click

SAN FRANCISCO, December 24, 2018-- LambdaTest, World’s most trusted Cross Browser Testing platform, today rolled out it’s all new integration with Clubhouse, project management tool. The release aims to simplify the loves of testers and developers by allowing them to instantly capture and share issues across teams within LambdaTest rather than switching between tools.

Job of any QA tester revolves around finding and reporting bugs to make sure bug free web applications. Though the process is very time consuming, it cannot be skipped. Logging issues manually and reproducing them again in order to rectify them is a tedious task.

LambdaTest integration with Clubhouse cuts down the bug filing process to minimum helping users to instantly mark a bug assigning it to a member, mentioning the title and description directly while performing testing. All this with no additional setup allowing testers and developers to create a quality bug free website. This integration will make developers more productive and can focus more time on delivering better applications for the world.

“We at LambdaTest strongly believes in making the world a simple and easy place. Today, by announcing integration with Clubhouse, we move one step ahead in achieving our goal. This integration is one of the Key update for us as it aims at reducing the testing and bug filing time significantly and easing the life of web developers and testers at the most.” Said Asad Khan, Co-Founder & CEO LambdaTest.


  1. Usability: Easily report any bug from LambdaTest itself without any third party application.
  2. Responsibility: Assign a bug to your team member for solving it.
  3. Rapidly Reproduce Bugs: Easily gain access to the same configuration of browser and/or device where the issue was found and jump directly on the bug.
  4. Quality Support: Access to LambdaTest 24/7 support team and documentation.

Other Integrations:

Along with Paymo, LambdaTest offers a variety of other integrations to ease the life of developers and testers including Jira, Asana, Github, Trello, Slack, VSTS, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Wordpress, Paymo and Teamwork.

Pricing & Availability:

LambdaTest offers a try before buy offer where all its features are offered free of cost to all for sixty minutes divided in 10 minutes session per login. User can also avail uninterrupted services at as low as $15 per month on a subscription basis.

About LambdaTest

Lambdatest is PaaS (Platform as a service) Startup building whole test infrastructure on the cloud for SMBs and enterprises. The current product offers cross-browser testing on more than 2000 browsers/OS and Resolution combinations. Lambdatest integrates with top test management and bug tracking tools like Asana, Slack, JIRA etc. The user can log a bug in just one click and push into these tools. LambdaTest is working on a long roadmap to eliminate complete test infrastructure from in-house lab to cloud. A user can use it on demand in just one click.

About Clubhouse

Clubhouse was created with a mission is to ensure software development teams can do their best work. To provide the most intuitive and enjoyable project management platform teams actually want to use — from project planning to product creation.

For more Information contact:

Asad Khan, CEO & Co-Founder LambdaTest

+1 678-701-3618

[email protected]