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    Ltbrowser moblie testing
    iPhone 12 Pro
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    iPad Pro
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    Google Pixel
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Google Pixel (1080 x 1920)

Google Pixel

Why my mobile website refused to connect? : Your website may not be supporting iframe but our Chromium-based LT Browser has the solution. Perform responsive testing across 50+ different device viewports to enjoy un-interrupted mobile web testing on 50+ device screens. Try LT Browser for free!

Best Responsive Checker For Free

  • 50+ Device Viewports on local machine
  • Responsive behaviour checker
  • Side by Side viewport comparison

Test on Real Device Cloud

  • Test on latest iOS and Android real devices
  • IP Geolocation, GPS location and Network Throttling Testing in a single click
  • Streamline mobile app testing with Intelligent UI Inspector
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Check Mobile View Of Your Website

Check the responsiveness of your website across different pre-installed mobile device viewports or custom mobile resolutions. LT Browser, a responsive checker developer browser, offers a mobile view website for Android and iOS device viewports to help you ensure a seamless user experience.

Check Mobile View

Chromium-Based LT Browser

Best Developer Browser to build and debug mobile websites

  • Test With Multiple Devices
  • Network Throttling
  • Dedicated DevTools
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9 Things You Can Do With LT Browser


Native Chromium Engine

Use all Chrome browser features like settings and APIs, having better OS integration, accessing latest Chrome DevTools.


Multiple Device Viewports

Choose from a wide range of devices and effortlessly interact and test responsiveness across multiple device viewports.


Dedicated Chrome DevTools

Enhance your mobile view debugging with built-in Chrome dev tools for each device viewport, enabling faster debugging.


Multiple Recording Options

LT Browser lets you record the entire screen or a specific tab in tablet or mobile view and easily share it with your team.


Google Lighthouse Report

Get access to concise lighthouse report for viewing your website's key performance metrics, including accessibility score and SEO.


Hot Reloading Feature

LT Browser's user-friendly interface, quick documentation, and hot reloading ensure seamless code updates in device viewports.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view website's responsiveness on various network profiles.


Multiple Bug Reports

Create and share responsive bug reports seamlessly across preferred project management or messaging tools.


Test History

Developers using LT Browser access their test history for informed decisions and clear site cookies via Chrome settings.

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What is responsive checker?
Responsive Checker provides a platform for simultaneously testing and evaluating the responsiveness of your website across various devices. This tool also offers the flexibility to alter the orientation of any chosen device and enables you to refresh the device frame independently, without the need to reload the entire page.
What is responsive testing?
Responsive testing is testing of the UI/UX of a website on different viewports. Mobile, Tablets and PCs of different brands and OS have different resolutions, shapes and sizes. A responsive website or web app adapts to all those shapes, sizes and resolutions to give the best user experience.
Why is responsive testing important?
Testing responsiveness of the website ensures the best user experience, SEO performance and Least possible bounce rate.
How to test responsiveness of my website/webapp?
You can use LT Browser for responsive testing. It will help you check your website on 50+ viewports across Mobiles, Tablets and PCs of all Major OS. In Fact you can create your own custom viewports, and debug your website on those viewports.
What are the popular devices I should check for responsiveness?
It depends on the devices used by your website visitors. Broadly we can consider as follows
Mobile- Iphones, Samsung Galaxy series, OnePlus phones of past 2 to 3 years.
Tablets- Ipads and Samsung Tablets launched in past 3 to 4 years
PCs- Laptops from Lenovo, Dell, Apple for past 5 years
What does a fully responsive website mean?
A fully responsive website will reshape and resize itself to preserve the best user experience and look and feel across all devices without any need of Scrolling, Zooming and Resizing.
How to measure the success of the responsiveness test for my website?
Once the website renders as it is required to render across all the view ports, and if the user is getting best user experience we can consider it a successful responsive test.
What is the difference between responsive and adaptive design?
Responsive website is fluidic enough to adapt to any shape or size of the viewing device. Adaptive website first detect a predefined resolution and shows pre decided static elements of the website. Fun Fact: Google ranks mobile friendly websites higher compared to any other form of website.
How to check if a site is responsive?
For testing the responsiveness of a locally hosted website, use the Toggle device toolbar option available in the developer tools of the browser. To do this, press F12 to start developer tools in Chrome and Firefox and select the Toggle device toolbar from the menu.
What is responsive testing in mobile?
Mobile Responsive Testing is a process that ensures that your website or an app is working appropriately on all types of devices. Whether it's an app or website, they must ensure they are accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere.
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