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New Launch - Scalable Cloud To Automate Cypress Testing🚀.

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Run Selenium Tests With Robot Framework On Cloud Grid

Automate Robot test scripts at scale over online selenium grid and speed up your release cycles with ease.

Online Selenium Automation Grid
Online Selenium Grid To Run Your Selenium  Robot Script

Accelerate Robot Test Scripts With Parallel Testing On Cloud

With LambdaTest online selenium grid, reduce your overall test execution time by running tests in parallel. Automate your Selenium tests with Robot framework on cloud grid of 2000+ desktop browser-OS configurations.


Perform Geolocation Tests With Robot Framework

Thinking about how your website would respond if accessed from different locations? LambdaTest Selenium Grid enables you to perform geolocation testing using Robot framework over 27+ countries on the cloud.

Online access to Selenium grid of 2000 desktop browsers
Online Selenium Grid

Migrating From Self Hosted Selenium Grid To LambdaTest Gridd

Now, you can easily run your automated Selenium Robot scripts using online Selenium Grid. LambdaTest GitHub repo will help you to perform migration with ease and in no time.

circle API
Restful API to fully automate your continuous testing workflow. Fetch test details such as test status, metadata, Selenium logs, video logs, and more, to build robust test reports.Learn more arrow
diamond Low Test Flakiness
We make sure you say Goodbye to flaky Selenium tests by providing a reliable Selenium Grid online which has little or no flakiness while executing your Selenium automation scripts.Start testing arrow
square Debugging & Logs
Debug your Selenium automation test results through metadata, network logs, command logs, exception logs, raw Selenium logs, and Video recordings of the entire test execution.Start Testing arrow
circle-outlined CI/CD Tools
Integrate LambdaTest Selenium testing cloud with your choice of continuous integration tools using our native plugins for Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, and more.Learn more arrow
rectangle Privately Or Locally Hosted Pages
With LambdaTest Tunnel you can run Selenium automation tests on your locally or privately hosted pages. Ensure cross browser compatibility of your web-app, even before its launch.Learn more arrow

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Detailed analysis of Selenium automated tests

Key Metrics To Analyse Selenium-Robot Automated Tests

LambdaTest automation enables you to capture detailed statistics of total tests Run, minutes consumed, tests passed, tests failed and many more metrics along with timeline charts and automation logs.


24*7 Support From Our Tech Experts

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If you face any problem while performing browser compatibility testing or Selenium automation testing with Robot of your website or web application on LambdaTest, we have you covered. Our tech experts are available on our support 24*7. You can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form, messaging in-app, or through call. You can also write to us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you in no time.

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Have a specific question? Check out our Support Center.

  • What is Robot?

    Robot Framework is a generic open source automation framework. It can be used for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA).

  • Can I Mark My Test As Pass Or Fail?

    The LambdaTest Selenium grid doesn’t identify if you test ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. It only identifies whether a test has executed to it’s last command or whether it has stopped/timed-out before it. The user would have to pass on these parameters to LambdaTest platform to make it possible for tracking these values at LambdaTest platform. Make use of LambdaTest API or LambdaTest Annotations, for pushing additional metadata to LambdaTest or to track the pass/fail status of a test.

  • Can I Run Parallel Testing using Robot Framework?

    Yes! One of the key features of LambdaTest Selenium grid is the ability to run your test cases in parallel. Which means you can execute numerous automation test cases altogether and enable you to cut down on test times. With LambdaTest selenium grid you can run a single test scenario across different browsers or different test scenarios with the same browser (or any other combinations). Wondering how many parallel test cases can you run? That depends entirely on the number of concurrent sessions under your opted plan.

  • What Is The Maximum Queuing Capacity?

    Maximum number of test cases that can be queued = n + 150 Here, n = number of concurrent sessions. For instance, if you are opting for pricing where you can avail up to 10 concurrent sessions. Then the maximum number of test cases that can be queued will be equal to 10 + 150 i.e. 160 queued test cases. LambdaTest would automatically schedule and execute test cases for you. We have added a capacity constraint on the number of tests that can be queued to prevent over-exploitation of the platform. Refer LambdaTest Queuing Policy to know more.

  • How Many Parallel Sessions Do I Need?

    LambdaTest Concurrency Calculator is here to help you calculate the number of parallel sessions you need for your test coverage. Feed the information to our Concurrency Calculator, and it would suggest to you the appropriate number of parallel sessions.

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