Execute Selenium C# Test Automation on Cloud

Execute Selenium C# test scripts on 3000+ browsers with a scalable, secure and cloud-based Selenium Grid. Run parallel testing and trim down build execution time significantly.




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Selenium with C#

Selenium C# Testing on 3000+ Browsers

With LambdaTest, you can trigger Selenium C# test scripts in parallel on a cloud-based Selenium Grid of real desktop and mobile devices with pre-installed real browsers including browser versions.
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Selenium C# Testing on 3000+ Browsers
Run Selenium C# Test Scripts on Real Browsers


Run Selenium C# Test Scripts on Browsers

Execute Selenium C# tests on real devices running real browsers with LambdaTest's secure, scalable, cloud-based Selenium Grid of 3000+ browsers and operating systems versions.
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Why HyperExecute?

HyperExecute runs tests upto 70% faster than any cloud grid,
giving developers fast feedback on their test runs, so they can get it right the first time.



Speed-up Selenium C# Testing on 3000+ Browsers with HyperExecute

Experience fast-track test execution with HyperExecute, an innovative test execution platform that runs 70% faster than any traditional cloud grid and costs as less as a flexible spot instance.
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Speed-up Selenium C# Testing on 3000+ Browsers with HyperExecute
Debug Selenium C# Tests on Different Browser Versions


Debug Selenium C# Tests on Different Browser Versions

Debug issues in no time with detailed logs generated for each Selenium C# test executed on LambdaTest Grid. You can deep dive into raw Selenium logs, exception logs, network logs, command logs, and an entire video log taken on a real browser machine.
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Browsers supported on LambdaTest for Selenium C# Testing

  • ChromeChrome
  • Safari Safari
  • Firefox Firefox
  • IE Internet Explorer
  • Opera Opera
  • Edge Edge

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Why LambdaTest for Selenium C# Testing

Here's why LambdaTest is the top choice as Selenium C# automation cloud for 1 Million+ developers & quality analysts

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Get access to industry leading 24x7 dedicated support.

 Zero Test Flakiness

Zero Test Flakiness

Highly reliable cloud infrastructure that has no flakiness.

120+ Integrations

120+ Integrations

Fits seamlessly into your testing stack with out-of-the box integrations.

3000+ environments

3000+ environments

Test across 3000+ browsers and browser versions on cloud grid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebDriver in Selenium C#?
Selenium WebDriver is one of the most renowned open-source test automation framework for automating website or web application testing. It supports multiple programming languages including C# to help testers automate browser interations. You can automate any browser action using Selenium and C#.
Which is better Selenium with Java or C#?
You can perform automate testing with Selenium using both Java and C#. However, Java is widely adopted in comparison to C#, so the market opportunities are more for Java enthusiasts in comparison to C#.
How do you automate in C#?
There are a variety of testing frameworks to help perform automation testing with C#. Some of the most used C# frameworks are MSTest, NUnit and Specflow for BDD(Behaviour Driven Development). These frameworks are also compatible with Selenium, so you could automate browser testing with C# and Selenium.
How can I automate Selenium C# testing using LambdaTest?
Perform Selenium C# Testing on 3000+ browsers with LambdaTest cloud-based Selenium Grid. You only need to do minor tweaks in your existing Selenium C# script. These include defining test environments using desired capabilities or browseroptions, secondly you will need to authenticate your local system to LambdaTest cloud based Selenium Grid with the LambdaTest access key and username in your remote webdriver URL. Refer to Selenium C# support document for step by step guide.

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