Share Issues Directly To Slack From LambdaTest

LambdaTest + Slack Integration

Take Screenshot across multiple browsers directly from Slack

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Why Integrate LambdaTest and Slack

Push Issues from LambdaTest to Slack Or Take Screenshot of Pages from Slack

Slack brings all your team communication together in one place. Our slack integration ensures that you can collaborate with your teammates by sharing issues real time. While performing a test session, with a single click, you can instantly push issues to individuals or channels in Slack. In addition with LambdaTest Slack app, you can take screenshot of your URL across multiple real browsers with a simple Slack slash command!

internet explorer cross browser testing

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Integrated Platform For Effortless Management

Issues pushed to Slack will capture screenshots along with test information such as Project Name, Test Environment, Summary, Issue Type as well as Severity.

Cross platform compatibility testing

Visual Cross Browser Testing in Slack

With LambdaTest slack app you can run Automated screenshot tests of your URLs on 2000+ different desktop and mobile browsers directly from Slack channel. Just a simple slash command and you get fullpaged screenshot of your page taken on real cloud hosted machines running real operating systems and real browsers.
Here's how to use Slash command:
/screenshot [URL] [Optional ListNumber]
For example: /screenshot List1

Slack Integration With LambdaTest

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LambdaTest Integrations

Other Integrations You Can Try

LambdaTest Integration JIRA

Do you use JIRA to track issues in one place? If so, then you will love LambdaTest's integration capabilities with JIRA. With this integration you can create bugs in Jira right from a middle of a test session on LambdaTest platform.

LambdaTest Integration WORDPRESS

LambdaTest wordpress plugin can be used to take full page screenshots of post and pages across different desktop and mobile browsers right from wordpress admin panels.You can take direct screenshots on upto 25 different configurations.

LambdaTest Integration GITHUB

Instantly create new bug, question, help in Github from LambdaTest itself. You can choose all details like Repository, Label, Assignee, etc. LambdaTest automatically include testing environment information as well as add testing screenshots.

LambdaTest Integration TRELLO

With a single click, create issue cards in your Trello project right from LambdaTest. While creating cards, you will just have to choose details like project, list, assignee, summary etc. LambdaTest will automatically include details.

LambdaTest Integration CHROME EXTENSION

LambdaTest Screenshot Chrome Extension can be used to take full page screenshots of webpages across different desktop and mobile browsers right from your browser with one click.

LambdaTest Integration VSTS

With LambdaTest-VSTS integration, you can share issues to VSTS account directly from LambdaTest platform. And you can do it with a single click. You can choose all details like Projects, Work type, title, repro steps, severity etc.

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