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Explain white box testing in software testing with example?

White box testing is a method of testing in which the internal structure of the software being tested is known to the tester and is used to design the test cases. It is used to test the internal structure and logic of a program, and it is typically done by developers as part of the testing process.

Here is an example of white box testing:

Suppose you are testing a function that calculates the factorial of a given number. To perform white box testing on this function, you would design test cases that exercise all the different code paths within the function. For example, you might test the function with the following input values:

  • 0 (to test the base case where n is 0)
  • 1 (to test the case where n is positive)
  • -1 (to test the case where n is negative)

You could also test the function with larger input values to make sure it is able to handle large numbers without overflowing or crashing.

By testing the function with these different input values, you can ensure that it is working correctly and that all the code paths within the function have been exercised. This is an example of white box testing.

For more information, give a read to our white box testing tutorial.


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