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How to develop automated regression Test suites?

To develop automated regression test suites, follow these steps:

  • Identify the key features and functionality of the software application you want to test. It should be the areas of the application that are most critical to its operation and likely to be affected by changes or updates.
  • Create a test plan that outlines the specific test cases in the regression test suite. It should include details about the input values, expected output, and relevant information for each test case.
  • Develop the individual test cases according to the test plan. It may involve writing code to automate the tests or creating manual test cases that can execute manually.
  • Assemble the individual test cases into a test suite. It may involve organizing the test cases into logical groups or categories or creating a comprehensive test suite that includes all of the test cases.
  • Run the test suite to ensure that all test cases function correctly and produce the expected results.
  • Update the test suite as needed to reflect any changes or updates to the software application. It may involve adding new test cases, modifying existing ones, or removing ones no longer relevant.
  • Run the updated test suite regularly to ensure that the software application continues to function correctly and to identify any issues or bugs that need to be addressed. It should be done periodically after every software release or update.

For a step-by-step guide, refer to our tutorials on Test suite and on Regression Testing.


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