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How To Explain TestNG Framework in Interview

As TestNG is testing framework you first need to explain what is testing framework. So a testing framework is a set of tools and practices that are used to organize and execute tests for a software application. A testing framework typically provides support for defining and grouping tests, running tests in a specific order, and generating reports on the results of the tests.

Now you need to explain how TestNG came into picture and what features TestNG offers.

So TestNG is a Java testing framework that was inspired from JUnit & NUnit. Cedric Beust created it in 2004 in order to create a more powerful & flexible framework. Basically TestNG is a open source project and is released under Apache license 2.0.

Now coming to TestNG features its quite popular among testers as it helps to organize and execute tests. It allows you to define test groups, set dependencies between tests, and specify the order in which tests should be run. TestNG also provides support for data-driven testing, which means that you can run the similar test multiple times with different input data. TestNG generates reports that provide detailed information about the test results, including any failures or errors that may have occurred.

Now that's your answer but if you want to explore further on annotations, test groups, parallel testing and lot more you can refer our TestNG framework tutorial where you will learn right from its features till the execution of TestNG tests in detail.


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