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What are JavaScript frameworks?

The JavaScript frameworks are collections of pre-written code libraries that provide web developers with all the tools they need to quickly and easily create a web application. These frameworks provide a structure and context for writing code, making it easier for developers to create new web applications.

JavaScript frameworks can save you time when building web applications. Frameworks enable you to develop your application more quickly by providing a pre-built feature set. They also help you avoid writing code for every app feature from scratch.

Modern JavaScript frameworks use an architecture called Model–View–Controller, which separates the logic for a site's user interface into three interconnected parts. The model is the central component of the pattern as it manages the data of an application.

JavaScript is a widely used programming language with more frameworks than any other language. JavaScript is used for both client-side and server-side code, making it ideal for web development. Many frameworks have been created for JavaScript, but the most popular include:

Front-end frameworks:


React.js is a JavaScript library that allows developers to develop interactive web interfaces. While React is technically a JS library, it is often discussed as a web framework and is commonly compared to any other prominent open-source JavaScript framework.

The React library makes it easy to create interactive user interfaces by providing a predictable JavaScript code base that is easy to debug. It also provides a REACT component system where blocks of JavaScript code can be written once and reused repeatedly in different parts of the application or even other applications.


AngularJS is an enterprise-level framework used to develop large and complex business applications. The framework is supported by Google and Microsoft and is open-source.

Back-end frameworks:


Express.js is a lightweight and well-supported framework for Node.js applications. It is the most popular framework for server-side Node.js applications and provides a wide range of HTTP utilities and high-performance speed. Express is great for developing a simple, single-page application that can handle multiple requests simultaneously.


Next.js is an open-source framework that allows you to create server-side rendered, static web applications using React.js. It is one of the newest and hottest frameworks, which takes pride in its ease of use and has many important features “out of the box”; furthermore, it makes development a JavaScript breeze.


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