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What are the different components of the Selenium suite?

Selenium as a framework consists of different components, including the Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.

Let’s look at the components of the Selenium suite in detail.

  • Selenium IDE: Developed by Selenium Project, Selenium IDE is a Firefox browser plugin that provides an alternative to automation scripts in other programming languages. Unlike its predecessors, Selenium IDE is a recording tool, not a code generator. Therefore, testers can create test scripts in any language supported by the Selenium WebDriver API.
  • They can record and playback their actions in the web application. Selenium IDE also generates comprehensive test reports for your recorded tests enabling you to track test results.

  • Selenium WebDriver: Selenium WebDriver is a tool to automate the testing of web applications, which communicates with the browser directly. In Selenium WebDriver, a browser-specific browser driver sends commands to a browser and retrieves results. The Selenium WebDriver doesn't require a special server to run tests. Instead, WebDriver starts and controls a browser instance directly.

  • Selenium Grid:Selenium Grid is a management and distribution system for WebDriver. It is made up of several nodes that connect with one another to determine, organize, and distribute tests across various environments.
  • The Selenium Grid's architecture has been redesigned in the latest Selenium 4 releases. The new architecture allows the Grid to run in three modes: standalone, hub, and node, and entirely distributed. Furthermore, the Selenium Grid is mostly used to run tests in parallel across different browsers and operating systems.

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