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What are the types of White Box Testing?

The different types of testing modules that are included under the domain of white box testing are:

  • Unit testing: It is typically used as the first technique of software application testing. The developer performs unit testing. As a software developer, you write a few lines of code, a function, or an object, test it to ensure that it works, and then move on. Unit testing helps in the early detection of the majority of defects in software development. Bugs discovered at this stage are less costly and easier to fix.
  • Testing for memory leaks: Applications that run slowly often have memory leaks. If you have a software application that runs slowly, you need a highly-skilled software tester to find memory leaks.
  • White box penetration testing: In this testing, the developer or tester has complete access to the software's codebase and comprehensive network, IP, and server data. The objective is to attack the code in various ways to reveal security risks.
  • White box mutation testing: It involves frequently finding the best coding practices to apply while growing a software solution.
  • Basis path testing: In this method, the number of independent pathways in a control flow graph, or its cyclomatic complexity, is determined. Using the cyclomatic complexity, you can find the minimum number of test cases we can generate for each independent path in the flow graph.
  • Loop testing: One of the most often used programming tools is the loop. It only makes it logical to have a testing method based on loops because they are the fundamental building blocks of so many algorithms. There are three kinds of loops: concatenated, nested, and straightforward.
  • For more information, give a read to our white box testing tutorial.


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