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What is ChromeDriver?

ChromeDriver is a standalone server used along with Selenium to automate browser tests on Chrome. Using ChromeDriver, you can interact with Chrome browser to perform different operations like navigating from one web page to another, providing input on the web pages, JavaScript execution, and more.

To perform automated web testing on the Chrome browser, the Selenium WebDriver requires a ChromeDriver class - a standalone executable. The ChromeDriver class creates communication between our test scripts and the Chrome browsers.

You can create a WebDriver object for Chrome by running the following command:

//Creating WebDriver object for Chrome browser

WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();

A ChromeDriver class extends a WebDriver interface. It implements the WebDriver interface that controls Chrome browser operations inside your local machine. The Selenium ChromeDriver class help to easily communicate with the Chrome browser and perform automated browser testing of web applications on the Chrome browser.

Shown below is the implementation of the Selenium WebDriver class.

Want to explore about ChromeDriver for test automation? Read our tutorial ChromeDriver for Selenium automation.


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