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What is Maven?

Apache Maven is a popular open-source build tool for developing and deploying several projects simultaneously. The tool allows developers to build, document, and deploy several projects simultaneously, allowing them to streamline their workflow. Maven is a Java-based tool that helps Java developers build projects written in C#, Scala, Ruby, etc. Based on the Project Object Model (POM), Maven has made the lives of Java developers easier while developing reports, checks build, and testing automation setups.

Maven's mission is to make it easier for developers to write and maintain software by providing a comprehensive model for projects, a set of tools that can interact with the model, and an extensible architecture.

Maven helps developers download dependencies, which refer to libraries and JAR files. The tool gets the correct version of each JAR file for each project because there might be different versions of separate packages.

By creating the proper project structure in struts, servlets, etc., Maven helps your execution tremendously. You can download dependencies using Maven without visiting the official websites of different software. Instead, you can find them in the mvn repository in various languages.


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