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Why is Appium not detecting elements on the page?

The efficiency of Appium depends on how it's used. Appium is built on top of technologies that are slower than Appium, and its creators have chosen to use these slower strategies in specific situations. For example, Appium will be slower when using XPath than native APIs.

You can follow these steps to avoid this problem:

  • When possible, avoid using XPath to search for elements. Instead, search by element ID (Android) or accessibility ID (iOS).
  • Avoid using "verify X element NOT FOUND" or if it is really needed, set a minimum timeout for this operation.
  • For test cases that do not require a client reset, use a different strategy to load the driver. Consider mostly cases where no reset is needed (starting faster).
  • Consider adding a variable when you need to perform similar operations.
  • Another reason for Appium tests timing out could be the Wait function. To solve this, we can increase the Wait time.

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