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Accurate Mobile Web Design Tester

Mobile web design tester to achieve pixel perfect mobile website. Test mobile responsive website on iOS and Android device view ports with the LT Browser. Download responsive web design tester.
Ltbrowser moblie testing
Device Resolution

Side By Side Design Comparison

Effortless design comparison on two devices for responsive design test. With side by side view and synchronised scrolling option, your can inspect and debug your website or web app design in a snap.

Create Your Custom Device

Test on any possible screen sizes by being able to test on custom resolutions. Launch all new designs and roll out updates with assured responsiveness on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
Create Custom Resolution
Mark As A Bug

Need to Test Your App on Multiple Devices?

Upload your app, and run Mobile App Tests with LambdaTest Emulators & Simulators. Find bugs earlier by testing your application across a plethora of Android and iOS devices.
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Mark And Share Bugs

While performing responsive web design test on your faviourit resolutions, directly mark new bugs and share it on your team communication tool like: JIRA, Asana, Trello, or move it to Github, Gitlab or also communicate over Slack.
mark as a bug during website responsive test

Why Responsive Website is Important?

  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Accessibility
  • Conversion
  • Brand Visibility
Walmart found that for every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by 2%.
Crazy Egg

One Click Screenshot & Video Recording

Full page screenshot and instant video recording of the current viewport for sharing web design bugs with the team. Share or save new found bug with detailed notes, anotations, and viewport details using this mobile web design tester.

Media, a simplified bug archive

Media is your Personal Journal of all screenshots and video recordings you captured during responsive web design testing. It keeps the history of your saved bugs with viewport details, eg., Device, Time Stamp, Bug Markings, and more.
Mobile View Of Website

Instant Debugging With Inbuilt DevTools

Test website responsive design and instantly debug any anomaly for any device view port. With side by side view, you can have separate DevTools for each screen to pace up the debugging process.

Google Lighthouse Performance Report

With a single click you can get a detailed google lighthouse performance report. Analyze and take action on key performance metrics, accessibility score, SEO, and more to improve the overall performance of your website or webapp.
Improve Website Performance With Lighthouse Reports
Different Network Conditions

Web Design Test With Network Throttling

Test website responsive design with inbuilt network simulation feature. You can even test your websites on Online, Fast 3G, Slow 3G, or even offline mode to see how your design changes reflect to the actual users.

Debugging With Hot Reloading

Get a pixel perfect view of your locally hosted website or web app instantly. This mobile web design tester will show you how your design changes look on an screen of your choice just by hitting the save command.
Inbuilt DevTools Website
Test Website on All Devices

Responsive Design Test on LambdaTest

Perform responsive design test for your new web designs with LambdaTest a cloud based mobile web design tester. Choose up to 56 devices and view the website on all their resolutions instantly.
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Design and develop responsive web apps twice as fast.
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Responsive web design test and Debuging on the go.
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Mark bugs, annotate them and share it with your team.


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