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Cross Browser Testing With Selenified & LambdaTest

Learn how LambdaTest & Selenified can help you perform cross browser testing in parallel on more than 2000 real browsers.

21 NOV 2019 | 10 AM PST

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LambdaTest conducted a free webinar around continuous testing in DevOps with Jeffery Payne as our guest, who was welcomed by Mudit Singh, our Director of Product and Growth.

Jeff is a Seasoned software CEO with commercial/government software consulting and product development experience. A frequent keynote speaker at agile, software development, DevOps, and software security conferences.

He is also a founder and CEO of Coveros, a company that helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software using Agile and DevOps.

The webinar was kickstarted by Jeffery who defined DevOps in a concise manner. Jeff also expressed his thoughts around continuous testing, what it stands for. The different phases involved in it and the role of continuous testing in DevOps.

With all the basics set and done. We landed on the crux of the webinar where we talked about the integration between LambdaTest & Selenified and demonstrated how you can leverage the two platforms to perform continuous testing in DevOps.

Jeff told us about an amazing Java-based open-source framework known as Selenified, which is an API and UI testing framework. Selenified allows you to perform continuous testing in DevOps with seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline.Exposing all the Selenium APIs, it also offers integration to cloud-based Selenium Grid providers such as LambdaTest. That way you can easily perform automated browser testing across 2000+ real browsers and on a scalable cloud-based infrastructure.

The demonstration was performed over a sample CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins and then were executed on the Selenium Grid offered by LambdaTest.

Our Director of Product and Growth, Mudit Singh analysed the test results and shared his expertise around the subject while providing an extensive demo of our cloud-based automation dashboard.

In the end, we get to see a Q&A round where we got to see some interesting questions around both the platform, and around continuous testing in DevOps too!

We would like to sincerely thank Jeffery Payne for presenting this informative webinar to our audience. Both Mudit and Jeff demonstrated the two platforms i.e. LambdaTest and Selenified, respectively, in great-depth. We got to see some amazing features that were worth making a note of!

In case you missed the webinar make sure to catch the recording.


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