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Leveraging LambdaTest & CloudBeat For Faster Product Delivery

This webinar will help you in fast forwarding your goto market launch with the help of LambdaTest and CloudBeat.

07 OCT 2019 | 10 AM PST

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LambdaTest collaborates with CloudBeat to offer seamless automation testing for faster product delivery.

LambdaTest and CloudBeat helps you perform end to end testing of your website and web applications while expanding your browser and devices test coverage, so you ensure a seamless user experience for all your website visitors.

CloudBeat has made Selenium & Appium testing very simple for both beginners and professionals through its amazing Oxygen Framework.

Oxygen is a powerful Selenium & Appium infrastructure for beginners and pros that significantly simplifies writing and running web automation tests.

It implements many commonly recurring patterns out-of-the-box and hides complexities of the above backends behind a concise API.

And the best part is that oxygen is an open source framework and available for all. See the video to learn and understand how you can increase your go-to market product launch.


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