Understanding SpecFlow Framework and Running Tests on Cloud Selenium Grid

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Webinar- Understanding SpecFlow Framework and Running Tests on Cloud Selenium Grid


Developing a website is complicated task which requires close coordination between various teams like design, development and testing and work towards the end goal i:e to release a website or web-app of exceptional quality with fewer bugs. Wouldn’t it be great if developers could sit alongside testers to improve the test scenarios?

With that thought in mind, software development processes have evolved a lot and this is where Behavior Driven Development (BDD) comes in. BDD plays an instrumental role as it minimizes the communication gap between the key stakeholders of any software project i.e. product owners, developers, testers, etc.

In this webinar, we will discuss SpecFlow in detail and help you understand how BDD can be leveraged by integrating SpecFlow Selenium C# files with end-to-end automation testing with Selenium. We will also look into a live demo on how SpecFlow and LambdaTest works together to scale your test automation and help your release your website faster.

What will you Learn

  • Getting started with Selenium and SpecFlow (or Introduction to SpecFlow)
  • Why SpecFlow over other BDD frameworks
  • Organize and create well-maintained BDD tests with SpecFlow
  • Overview of SpecFlow+ (LivingDoc and Runner)
  • Expedite cross browser testing with SpecFlow and LambdaTest
  • Need for Speed - Parallel Execution (Demo)
    • SpecFlow and NUnit
    • SpecFlow and SpecFlow+Runner

Webinar Calander Block 17 June 2021 | 10 AM PST

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