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Web UI Testing with Python and LambdaTest

Learn benefits of Web UI testing and how you can perform it using Python & LambdaTest

29 OCT 2019 | 10 AM PST

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LambdaTest conducted a free webinar with Andrew Knight, the Automation Panda, himself.

Andy is an international speaker and a virtuoso in developing reliable test automation systems from scratch. Andy likes to share his expertise in multiple domains around development, testing, automation, BDD, Agile. He is a big proponent of Python and automation testing using Python, and in this webinar, Andrew went in detail on how you can to perform robust cross browser testing using Python, PyTest, and LambdaTest.

This webinar will also teach you how to perform Web UI testing with Python to automate test cycles of your web applications like a pro!

Andy has demonstrated an end-to-end python tutorial for beginners and professionals working their way through Python for web UI test automation.

Here are some pointers about what we covered during this Python webinar for web UI automation testing.

  1. The webinar was kickstarted with the basic introduction of web UI testing, as we talked about what it is? And what makes web UI testing different from unit testing? We also talked about common complications while web UI test automation.
  2. Test automation was executed using pytest as the core framework. Andy gave a complete pytest tutorial for beginners, from installation and setup to executing web UI testing with Python.
  3. The UI interactions were facilitated with the Page Object Pattern which was discussed in great detail.
  4. Browser automation was performed using the Selenium WebDriver and pytest, over the local and remote webdriver. We started off the demo with a basic execution of a test case over a local machine using the compatible Selenium WebDriver bindings for the particular browser on which we wanted to test.
    After that, the test was demonstrated over multiple machines and browsers using a Selenium Grid.
  5. We performed cross browser testing using Selenium Python through an online Selenium Grid consisting of 2000+ real browsers. This Selenium automation grid is offered by LambdaTest to eliminate the hassle of configuring and maintaining the in-house Selenium infrastructure.
  6. Using LambdaTest online Selenium Grid, we leveraged the ability to test in parallel as we executed automation testing Selenium with python.

Also a big shoutout to Andrew Knight on making this possible !!!
Thanks, Andy for coming up with a comprehensive and detailed Web UI testing tutorial with pyTest for Selenium testing.

Do check out Andrew’s blog at https://automationpanda.com/ to get more detailed insights on Python, Selenium Automation Testing, and automation in general. You can also find him on twitter at @AutomationPanda


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